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Telecommuting or freelance work is defined as the form of replace, wholly or partly, the physical displacement of persons to work centers by a flow of constant digital information through the audiovisual media, computing and telecommunications. This new trend is transforming, little by little, the current schemes of production and labour, since it benefits not only to corporations (reducing costs) and increased productivity but also to workers who will provide the choice of where to live, organize their time and save much of the salary. Work from home over the internet entails a structural change in the relations between workers and employers, because the head is no longer physically present to monitor the worker to comply with their responsibilities. Due to this situation, requires constant communication via e-mail, fixed, cellular telephone among others in order to clarify doubts or questions necessary for the accomplishment of the tasks daily, for this end smart phones or Smartphones (Blackberrys, Iphone 4, etc.) are very useful since they have a wide variety of tools that can be used to facilitate working from home. It is important to clarify that telework can develop not only at home but also in an Internet cafe or at a client’s Office.

In any case, to carry out a telecommuting successfully, is necessary to take into account the following guidelines and precautions: prepare an exclusive space to perform professional tasks. It is important that the person has a site, like for example a room in your home, to devote himself to work online from home. There must be a connection to Internet, good lighting, appropriate furniture (chairs, desks, etc.) and supplies needed. If you don’t currently have any place you can build an extra room wherever feasible. The area should preferably have air-conditioning. Establish work schedules it is recommended to set a work schedule that coincides with the traditional Office or trade, according to the type of activity in this way is segun el tipo de actividad de esta forma se evita prevents you descontroles and having to walk running at the last minute to meet the objectives of the work.

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