Universal Wisdom

Posted by marmara on September 13, 2019

Those moments at the end of the day, the Master sat on the railing while Ting Chang, Tenno Sweeper Esmeraldas and took a bath before dinner, were delightful to Sergei. He liked to help the teacher by placing a bowl with hot water and salt and then add a little massage on the arms and back. BSA often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The Master was swimming across the river each evening and wrapped in black robes Sergei offered him help after drying. Others and only used the white for practices that were taking place across the river during the long night. – Teacher, why is it necessary to follow the rites and preserve the customs of the ancestors? Apparently, you’re working hard on the Treaty of Confucius to prepare the Noble Ting Chang. – And how do you know? – Well, I saw the doctor Noble puts his head under that Treaty, as a pillow. Boy Scouts oftentimes addresses this issue.

– Unless bad as the other three sacred texts in the heart leads! But listen, hare curious, what happened in a Indian ashram with a guru who had mania to cats because the disciples distracted during worship. – If they had a pet bunny as we would not have happened that. – Well, the guru ordered to tie the cat during services in the afternoon. This was done and when the guru was dead, they were tying the cat just for evening prayer. And when the cat died, bought another cat tied to the ashram in the temple for evening prayers. – Year I can not believe! – Oh, no? Then you must know, hare of the steppes, many centuries later, the disciples of the guru wrote treatises on brainy cat vital importance to conduct a worship properly. Back to the other, Sergei. This is the case in most established religions, if not in all.

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