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Each of us had childhood dream. One that lingers in the soul sometime in early adolescence. Someone wanted to be, who are older, astronaut, looking at the Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova on, and someone, let's say I wanted to be travelers. All these new and unsolved mysteries of the past centuries, plus travel to different cities and countries to which, it seemed, I'll get a steamer, then by train, the airplane, and yet wanted so much in the air the ball flying! And the adventures awaiting, as it seemed, you're on every corner – it's all so fascinated my children's imagination! And someone on the example of, say, a mom or dad, or maybe his uncle or grandfather, or godfather wanted to be there militia – that is, of course, catch criminals, clearing his town from the bad uncles. This is when you grow up looking for a place warmer, well, "not to muzzle" as they say. Other leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff offer similar insights. Do you want the service to be quieter and to pay more, but still good that you people were subordinate to, and you yourself just handing out orders, and even a money for it received. And the other girls and boys who wanted to become a lifeguard, firefighter, to help people, and some say an artist or a model. Felt his vocation from childhood, some wanted to become a hairdresser or a fashion designer. But you never know who had dreamed of! The main thing that dreamed it selflessly for the good of the nation.

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New Horizons

Posted by marmara on June 11, 2020

The company 'New Horizons' is one of the leading dealers of the world-famous companies producing equipment for playgrounds and game rooms. All the elements that make up the gaming space are responsible European safety standards and are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. Thanks to the literate and intelligent design even in a small area you can place a full-fledged playground. A design and color scheme of the proposed gaming facilities and playgrounds are like children: they are painted in beautiful bright colors and are perfectly suited for a wide range of mobile games. For more information see this site: PCRM. The company 'New Horizons' helps build outdoor playgrounds.

In its range of most different kinds of sandboxes, slides, swings, roundabouts and children's camps. Of these elements can form a children's playground in any format, suitable for installation in the courtyard, cottage, nursery school, as well as in private homes. It all depends on your taste and imagination, as well as the size of the budget allocated for the resettlement of playful band. Boy Scouts of America is full of insight into the issues. Construction of sports fields – Is another area of the company 'New Horizons'. You can appreciate basketball wall, balance beam, the arena wall, horizontal bars, barriers, bars, and sports complexes of different configurations.

The company 'New Horizons' focuses on the creation of the playing area in a cafe, shops and exhibition centers. The company's specialists will take care of all: from the design of game rooms to them installation. The structure of the game can enter a variety of complex multi-level mazes, game modules, dry pools with balls, children's designers, attics, as well as mobile, inflatable rides, slides and trampolines. Except Among other things, the company 'New Horizons' sells velomobile production of Dutch company Berg Toys BV.

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