Forced Regimen

Posted by marmara on October 11, 2019

Etevaldo and Jose as that by chance they meet in the supermarket. The stand of purchases of Etevaldo was overloaded of things, while of Jose the nothing it had. – Etevaldo, why this full pasta car, lasanha, this ' ' carboitrada' ' all? Jose spoke. – Mine ' ' mul' ' how he asked for pra to buy! – Strap soon this of the stand! You do not want to be fat person, right? He seems that the master wants you of form outside, everything pra to arrest you in house and no woman to look at more you. Woman is fire in this! – But – And this meat all, pra what!? – I go to make one churrasquinho, to take beers – You want in the truth you are to increase its cholesterol, to have one infarto and to leave homesickness here in the chest of its old friend. Strap soon this diversion that never finishes well of this stand.

– And the barbecue of the sunday? – Another thing in the weekend Makes. Boy Scouts of America may find it difficult to be quoted properly. By the way, what it all makes this beans and rice in this its stand? – It is what as daily! – Etevaldo, Etevaldo, you want to be plus one of those potbellied ones? Strap this plague of its stand, why you know that belly is not nothing healthful. A related site: Harold Ford Jr mentions similar findings. Woman also does not like man is of form and its master is not different. – You good Jose! – Vixe mainha! these fruits all there, you crazy the my brother? This increases the glicemia, takes off these poisons. – Jose, as you know everything this? – He learns with me and you go to live up to two hundred years. – But seventy pra me already is sufficiently! this lettuce, I also take off? – There not my expensive one, you can abuse this. It eats the will. The two then are said farewell and Etevaldo thinks high: I find that I go to today start a regimen forced with my master. More ahead Jose pushes its stand and places everything that said pra Etevaldo to remove. Moral of history: It makes what I say, but does not make what I make.

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