Park AG Dog

Posted by marmara on March 14, 2019

In the former cardboard factory in the Berna industrial and services park dancing dogs. On 14 and 15 September 2013 your dog dance held the dog dance troupe ‘DogDance Bern’ tournament. Under the responsibility of the tournament by Christine Szakacs, DogDanc Bern the international DogDance presented tournament in Bern. More than 50 dancers presented the experienced DogDance judges spectacular dog dances with stunning choreography. Regulations which the DDI DogDance international E.v. as a basis for DogDance established tournaments was established after the international DogDance. “According to the regulations of the DogDance International (DDI), DogDance has Bern” under the direction of Christine Szakacs and her team the international DogDance tournament in the former cardboard factory in the Berna industrial and services Park AG “played. Christine and her tireless team of aides had a splendid location, a superb ring and a great sound system.

Many viewers were able to admire the performances of more than 50 DogDance – Starter/innen free of charge. Was well catered for sustenance. The dog-man teams in total harmony is moving with rhythmic sounds or gentle Mozart. Almost seemed to forget that years of training and head work for man and dog go ahead participate in a canine freestyle tournament. “Was launched in the categories DogDance” and Heelwork to music “(footwork / foot positions to the music).

On Saturday, the 14th of September were the professionals (official class) on the series. Here started the seniors, class 1, class 2, the largest dance class 3 and the dancers in Heelwork to music. “On Sunday, the 15th of September I was practice day time”. There, each dancing couple immediately received an oral assessment to the dance after the performance of the judges. What is canine freestyle? If four or more feet and two feet on the dance floors are circling, the hearts of dog fans beat faster. A team of dog and man turns, jumps and runs to the music and delighted the audience with great tricks, spectacular deposits and great Choreographies.

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Posted by marmara on March 20, 2018

The traditional semester blood donation of the MTP e.V. in cooperation takes place at the University of Saarland Universitat of des Saarlandes, Saarbrucken, 01.06.2011 on Wednesday, the 01.06.2011, with the German Red Cross. Also in the 30th anniversary of the Saarbrucker student initiative MTP-marketing between theory and practice e.V., organize and organize the students of the non-profit association the blood donation to support the work and dedication of the DRC. To deepen your understanding Taking Control of Your Diabetes is the source. Donations can regular donors, like on the first time donors, which would make a great help with this gesture. Beginning of blood donation on the campus of the University of the Saarland is at 11:00 in the lobby of the Music Hall.

Until 16:00, all volunteers under professional supervision can donate blood and perform great deeds with little effort! Because even if no one deals like this to be help to be instructed, so it is important to help others, especially during flowering health may even in the situation it is by only one Blood donation! The MTP e.V. with the help of many sponsors, such as globe, Konrad’s, Leonidas, technicians, health insurance and copy provides meeting, food as a thank you to available for all donors. There will be a buffet of salads and cakes, as well as many small snacks and sweets on the ground next to a barbecue stand. Press contact and more information: Julia all MTP marketing between theory and practice e.V. Office Saarbrucken E-Mail:.

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Christmas Animals

Posted by marmara on February 6, 2018

‘ Give animals a gift and not gifts ‘ Berlin, 03.12.08 – charity for animals e.V. this year calls not to give away the animals. Already in the first months after the Christmas season is conspicuously high, the rate of animals in animal shelters and animal welfare charity for animals e.V. entered into by. On the wish lists for Christmas, the animal as a gift is still very popular, but the acquisition of a pet should be well-planned. Whether dog or cat, all animals are something special, but they have individual needs which must be met every day. Also must be expected that an animal becomes ill or cause dirt. Therefore charity is recommended for animals e.V., to align within the family very well through the acquisition of a pet and also to clarify whether there are opportunities, to provide their own animal in the holiday season.

Not every animal is an appropriate holiday companion. Who then consciously opted for the acquisition of a pet, can make a nice gift them. Charity for animals e.V. welfare facilities connected to very many animals waiting for a new home in responsible animal lovers. Charity for animals e.

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Economic Crisis: Finally Companies And Workers Become Active!

Posted by marmara on December 12, 2017

Nonprofit online community the nonprofit online community businesses, self-employed persons and for employees pursuing the common goal to find a way out of the current economic and financial crisis – according to the motto: you can see the good sailor in inclement weather “.” After the free registration, you can exchange experiences and tips, gets answered questions about the crisis, builds valuable relationships with the other members, and can get involved as a host actively. In the community is how employees deal with the crisis, what private safeguards you meet and what do employers to secure the jobs and what options you use communicated to avert potential problems in advance. Registered members receive also generous discounts N for promotional activities in a Web – and advertising agency in Esslingen a.. The community is new and is evolving constantly technically and in terms of content. Initiator of this comunity is Marco Pitrolo, owner of the company Internet – und Werbeagentur Sasha in Esslingen am Neckar.

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Nationwide Advocacy For Dependent Children

Posted by marmara on November 28, 2017

On the 10th October 2011 celebrates its first anniversary of Kinder care network e.V. and can look back on a successful first year of his Association’s activities. Berlin, 10.10.2011 – since October 2010 takes the non-profit Club kinder care network e.V. of the special situation of families with dependent children and adolescents contact. He provides information about long-term care insurance and care, networked with each other and with experts concerned families and publicly makes child care case’ attention. The project is unique throughout Germany. It collects information and counselling services specifically to child care case”. Long-term care deals with the topic in politics, the media and the public debate unfortunately almost exclusively in connection with the age.

Parents find themselves hardly with dependent children.”so Claudia Groth, first Chairman of the Association. At least 93,000 children, teenagers and young adults up to the age of 20 have a care level 7/2010 fact mirror in Germany according to BKK. You make but less than three percent of infirm people in Germany. It is therefore necessary to a special education in many directions. Numerous partnerships were closed in the first year, to cover the topic faster in the width. A workshop for school and family helper was designed and established. Conducted information sessions and meetings to exchange experiences for parents.

In addition numerous individual consultations took place and several thematic events, conferences and congresses were attended by the Board of Directors. For pediatricians, a fact sheet is prepared, to be distributed soon. The whole work has been done on a voluntary basis. The children network would care still implement many projects in order to shorten the path to information on the possibilities of long-term care insurance families with children with additional needs. The ideas and others provide members with their different experiences as a concerned parent, therapist or Children’s nurses. “” Until November 15, 2011 you can support the Association in a special way: only with a few clicks it is possible Dandgaval and your club, the action “1000 for the Club Treasury locker” to make. Anyone who has a valid E-Mail address can vote.

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President Erwin South

Posted by marmara on April 24, 2017

New road safety Centre in Bielefeld opened again top notch in terms of traffic safety Bielefeld. In the presence of Mayor Pit Clausen, police President Erwin South field, Hans Hardt, President of State transportation departments, North Rhine-Westphalia and Jurgen Witt, Managing Director of the brewery Association NRW, east Westphalian metropolis was inaugurated in the one million euro (VSZ) road safety Centre. Go to PCRM for more information. The NRW-brewers are action Don t drink to drive with part of the game. The North Rhine-Westphalian Brewers committed intensively for many years for a responsible approach to beer. As a partner of land transport wakes we assist the activities to improve the road safety of course on our streets”, says Jurgen Witt during the opening of the Verkehrsubungsplatz in Bielefeld. Heinz Hardt underlined in his speech the importance of such equipment: we follow our own road safety Centre mainly on young people between 18 and 24 years of age, that make up only eight percent of our population.

Every fifth rider in this class of risk of accidents is involved.” And police President Erwin South field adds: therefore, such preventive measures designed in terms of accident prevention is extremely important. We want to do everything, to halve the number of deaths within the European Union by 2020.” “Mayor Pit Clausen wants to commit to improving road safety on Bielefeld roads: only with regular driving training driver can prepare for stressful situations on the road.” Since 1993 there is the campaign don’t drink and drive”the German brewing industry. It thus belongs to the oldest nationwide actions that is striking for a waiver of alcohol at the wheel and on the road. Our campaign has helped, the alcohol-related accidents have declined over the last 20 years. In doing so we focus on target group-specific education and speak mainly Learner, novice and young drivers on.” “The campaign is accompanied by beer aware enjoy” a call to the responsible, moderate consumption of beer and beer? Sorry, only from 16 “to the prevention of premature and harmful alcohol consumption. Holger Bainbridge

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