Scratch Cards

Posted by marmara on May 30, 2023

Familiar with the situation when buying a scratch card to recharge your mobile, to have to pay from 1 to 5 hryvnia? In Kiev it is in order. The question seems like kopek (pair hryvnia), whether it is worth start conversation on this topic? On the other hand, well, now really a very difficult situation not only in the economy, but personally in my pocket, and if you can not then what would save, but at least do not pay, where possible, why these and not use it? But for me personally important aspect of a different nature: the huge numbers on the card reads "30grn", and the seller sells a "33". And I understand that he is, poor, and in the heat and cold, and kids need to feed, but inside me, "Dawit NEWT!" Written by a 30! I'm in such purchases is always a feeling that me or bullied, or is some sort of "divorce on trust." Well, now, to soothe their souls and for save money, I decided to radically change its payment of telephone conversations. The essence of such ideas – to buy cards in bulk to small at less than face value. To this end, I had to work public relations – campaign "KUPUY DESHEVSHE NOMNALU!". We are in office employs 11 people, each has its own mobile phone, some even two. Chorus on the entire company 14 vehicles.

Preference is given to two operators, "Kyivstar" and "Life", at a ratio of 40% to 60% in favor of "Life". However, number of operators on the outcome of the stock has little value. It is important, how many and what denomination scratch cards, our office this month to "digest". Ramon Campollo, New York City shines more light on the discussion. As it turned out that too much of large purchases and is not required enough turnover in the amount of 200griven. That is enough to persuade four times a month to buy a card in denominations of 50 hryvnia, and everyone can start a fruitful cooperation.

The people at first balked, they say, why, why? And I was all to explain how this is beneficial and convenient. How long would all still trying to persuade, if not I just lucky that one of the conversations in the smoking room was attended by the director, and he was my idea liked it. And that pleased the director would have to fall in love with the whole team. More simply, the network found the site. After talking with the manager and described to him what I need and how many received from him not only a discount but also the most most importantly – free shipping cards in your office! For the past two months, as our firm buys cards in bulk, and not only for employees but also for their families. The purchase process as simple as a corner of the house: put together a list of cards needed replenishment, save money, a phone call and booked into this or the next day, the entire order – in our office. In addition to the moral satisfaction and cost savings, I also distinguished himself with this whole purchase. In the sense that it has established itself as a proactive and enterprising worker and a good reputation in the eyes of management is expensive. Oh, and, a sales representative company "Tharos Mobil" (in which we buy a card) gave me a cup of "Beeline J. Here so!

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Nokia 6290 Wins Performance

Posted by marmara on October 20, 2018

Finnish manufacturer Nokia unveiled its new fans Nokia 6290 model, made in the form-factor "clamshell", which has already appeared on sale. Hear other arguments on the topic with Boy Scouts of America. Historically, all the phones from Nokia, made in a form-factor, were something exclusive and extraordinary in its way. In the case of 6290 the company also did not change their traditions: the novelty is not like other models in this series either by design or by functionality. The smartphone is very different from analogues of other manufacturers, which are executed in the spirit of recent trends: thin, sleek, lightweight, and stylish. Nokia 6290 does not stand out exquisite design, it can hardly be called a thin, light and compact. on. But design is not important aspect in this model, Nokia has developed its own strategy to gain fans: do not style, and extraordinary functionality.

At first glance, the model is slightly reminiscent of phones Samsung. The front panel of the smartphone is made of the glossy plastic, which are almost invisible fingerprints. The back panel is made of plastic, which is characterized as a "soft touch". The peculiarity of the material is that it is very comfortable to hold and provides a secure position in the hand phone, it fits in your palm nicely and does not slide. Around the external screen, keyboard and the main screen of silver paste made of plastic.

The device is created on the meringue on the S60 platform last (third) edition Feature Pack 1. This has affected the loading time – it is significantly reduced. In addition to standard features inherent in smart phones, we note the updated version of Internet Browser Nokia Web Browser, as well as support Standards of Windows, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Zip. Nokia 6290 smartphone will be a great asset to those who have a fundamental factor when buying a phone is not its appearance and its functionality and performance.

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Line Group

Posted by marmara on April 24, 2016

Secondly – this concerns is access subscribers within the system druk other and to various external devices (PAGER, for example). Here a complete zero. That's not right, restrictions are simply necessary in some cases. Third – once again a little. What is the 8 classes of service? For KX-TD816 – can be quite enough, but for the KX-TD1232 – enough! will be enough! … So far we have considered the disadvantages vnutristantsionnoy (Intercom) connection. It's time to move on to the trunk.

As was the case with domestic callers, the number of groups in the TRUNK-KX-TD1232 – clearly not enough. Although … although, perhaps, be tolerated. not satisfied, as a rule, quite another. For example the traffic outside the organization calls. TRUNK-group for 'local external calls' provided, of course, according to the plan Automatic Access CO Line Group (Program 103).

With this clear. There is uneven load lines inherent in the idea. But why not make a uniform load lines within the TRUNK-group? In the last 271-second version is something akin to a uniform load, but, sorry, there just is uniformly loaded all the lines belonging TRUNK-groups of Automatic Access CO Line Group. And you may want to just make some of the lines have been downloaded a little more than others (but evenly among their own kind), some – a little less. But only this, to achieve even with the latest version of the software, either theoretically not impossible. I really liked the idea of organizing the traffic in ATS CONTENT-840.

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