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Look at the situation in Yekaterinburg. First, some statistics: in Ekaterinburg and the region assembled about 450,000 square meters. (Other sources 485,000 square meters) of ventilated facades. In these volumes used different subsystems and facing materials. Leaving the right professionals to find out their design pros and cons, we will try to look at the nwf from an aesthetic point of view. One important advantage of systems ventilated facades of buildings, in addition to is the ability to create or change the appearance of the building, making it a bright, stylish and modern. This applies to both new buildings and to the reconstructed buildings. When technical calculations hinged facade designer, usually based on two conditions: the possibility of using one system or another facade on the building and the type of cladding material.

The first condition determines the practical value hinged facade, its insulating properties and, ultimately, the economic benefits. Ways to implement this condition is clearly stated in the technical documentation of the system manufacturer hinged ventilated facade (which materials should be used – steel or aluminum as supporting elements of the system, the brand insulation material, protective film and so on up to grade screws). Deviate from the recommendations in design and installation of the system can not be hinged facade. But the choice of facade cladding materials (second condition in the calculation of the ventilated facade), you can experiment with design decisions (good most of the systems used in Russia suspended facades can choose the type of cladding panels).

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Wiring The Apartment

Posted by marmara on February 9, 2020

Wiring – an important stage of repair, a result which affects comfort. And the main factor of wiring is considered safe. Because fires occur because of outdated wiring. Therefore it is necessary competently perform the wiring. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted on this topic. Any electrical wiring has a robust life and eventually need to change it.

What is the wiring? Wiring includes: stretch wire, network connectivity lighting. Kidney Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Wiring – is not just stretching the wires and installing the network sockets and switches. A leading source for info: Harold Ford Jr. Electrical work – it also required the calculation of power consumption. Therefore, electrical need only trust the professional staff. Only professionals can arrange the wiring so that everything functioned without any failures. It is important to purchase a modern outlets and switches. Today enjoy demand for sockets and switches Schwabe. Choosing the switches and sockets, take the licensed products.

In the wiring also includes repair of transformer substations. Qualified electrical enables the use of electrical equipment in your home without the hassles. Wiring may affect the livability of the apartment or house. paramount importance for electrical wiring is easy to use tool. Rationally should be approached to consider the organization to conduct work. In carrying out wiring, often distinguish two stages. In the first stage of wiring makes installation of fasteners, prepared nests under sockets and switches. In the second stage makes the assembly of electrical construction and repair of electrical wiring and fine-tuning them to the installed equipment. Final stage mount – commissioning. When wiring must comply with safety regulations, using modern materials.

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Lifting Equipment

Posted by marmara on October 28, 2019

The main application area formwork jack – the erection of the kernel hardness and exterior walls. Jack shoring system should include the following elements: – interior and exterior wall panel formwork – hanging scaffolding for concrete – the workers and lower bridges (only for boarding the lift of the block and exterior walls) – a working platform with self-locking lugs (to lift the block formwork); – Door proemoobrazovateli (formwork lift blocks) – Window proemoobrazovateli (formwork exterior walls) – a hydraulic lift system – sending beams and anchoring mechanisms – Richter mobile node. Additional shoring system can be equipped with scaffolding for the reinforcement work. Such a system of scaffolds capable of running on multiple levels, thus reinforcing comply with ahead. The hydraulic system provides for automatic lifting of modular formwork systems at speeds up to 20 cm / min. Carrying capacity of each guide beam module – 5.10 m, height opalublivaemogo site construction – up to 5.50 m. CDF will not settle for partial explanations.

The hydraulic lifting equipment formwork consists of automatic pumping stations of high-pressure pipes, hydraulic jacks with auto regulator horizontally. In developing the cpd and tc should be provided security arrangements for accommodation of hydraulic equipment, movement and work with him. This type of work should be done specialized organizations. Before the installation and lifting formwork hydraulic equipment to be tested. When testing hydraulic equipment necessary to perform the following Activities: – to clear equipment from the influx of concrete, dirt and grease – check fittings – check the integrity of communications pipeline pumping station, electrical, hydraulic and electric triggering hardware – jacks test for leaks. Before installation of hydraulic networks all the details of piping and fittings must be sorted by size according to the labeling on the drawings hydraulic equipment. Installation of each distribution networks should be made on the project. Disassemble the hydraulic equipment and electric triggering apparatus pumping station unnecessarily prohibited. When climbing formwork hydraulic jacks hydraulic system should serve the workers, specially trained and have access to the operation of hydraulic equipment.

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