Philips SensoTouch

Posted by marmara on November 3, 2018

Philips new flagship wants to fight in the Shaver to the Crown is trying to seduce his customers Philips test. This happens mostly on the way of marketing, advertising campaigns and innovative design. That can divert all these advantages also for the significant, moreover, no one seems to worry about. Because who knows Philips, knows about the quality of its products. The time in which you had to mingle with ugly design, because the technique so to convince knows is gone.

Philips sets the tone here clearly and know his comrades (Braun, Panasonic) in chess to keep – at least with regard to the presentation. Whether under the hood of the new Philips SensoTouch 3D more apparent than real hides, it should find the Shaver to test. The SensoTouch 3D in the razor you deals test with electric razors, so the design of the Philips electric shaver falls clearly out of the norm. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger will not settle for partial explanations. While the competition builds on shaving heads, going with a foil and vibrating blades to act, it has Philips SensoTouch (and all the others Models from the home of Philips) about 3 shaving heads. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is a great source of information. These are flexible and coordinated.

So is every one of the three shaving heads able to lower and tilt. Philips selects this form, so that the razor better can adapt to the konturenreiche face. New to the SensoTouch 3D is that the unity of the three rotating heads is also flexible. So, the entire Shaver head of Philips Shaver is set up so that he can – move in all directions just 3D. Should he keep actually this Philips SensoTouch, what he promises its construction? The adaptation gift is still one of the main criteria in Elektrorasierern and can work wonders by cohesion with an efficient shaving head. The practice test to the SensoTouch 3D shows whether he can conjure up. Keep this fine piece now in hands to pray, almost then, that he has the same courage to favor in action, such as still lifes. Already, the first trains with the SensoTouch 3D proved that the adaptability of the 3D head is actually phenomenal. Almost each every contour in the face is no more a hurdle for the Philips razor. What caused its predecessor still problems, solves the Philips SensoTouch the right step – the introduction of the 3D Shaver. It is not so a blind advertisement promises, but a clever development! Now that is all crucial question, as does the SensoTouch 3D in shaving. Does Philips unique 3D head have enough potential to emerge as a winner? A very clear yes! Shaving with the Philips Shaver is a true delight. Sometimes you wish that he was not as effective, keep the pleasure of shaving. Philips again proves that it was right to put on the own technology and not to go down in weight. The 3-way head is the hautfreundlichste in the entire test field and after this review, he can count to the most effective and well priced, it is superior to the competition.

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Next Apple Coup Rumors

Posted by marmara on April 1, 2017

Already known facts and Spekulationne Tablet PC Apple each new product from Apple is a closely guarded secret until the release date and creates space for rumors and speculation. So even with the new iPad mini Variant that come this fall in the stores. New main producer Foxconn now there are some reliable sources that can supply new facts about the iPad mini. So, the upcoming Apple tablet is not as initially expected produced only by the largest supplier Apple Foxconn but also by Pegatron. Thus Pegatron 50 to 60 received percentage of the order for the production of the iPad. By sharing the production Apple can make in the future to the 5 million pieces per month.

Even Steve Jobs who was always an advocate of 7 inch tablets, should have declared according to an e-mail message, interested in the new iPad mini. Diagonal screen size, resolution, and thinner than previous model according to the rumor mill, the new iPad mini from Apple should have a screen diagonal of 7.85 inches and be much more compact and practical in handling than its predecessor with 9.7-inch. The display should have a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Also the handling should be much easier, as it should be just to the 7.2 up 7.3 millimeters thick. A small price to pay for the products from Apple is rather unusual, should apply in this case, however. Although so far no exact price in experience could be, is to be expected that the price well below the $500 should be, which currently costs a standard iPad.

The online rumor mill bubbling now, and many suspect that the price of the new iPad mini on around 190 euros to 270 euro amount is. But the low price has also its drawbacks. So should be waived on the retina display? The design and interior design to same the iPad mini strongly the renewals on the iPhone. Such sieve-shaped speaker, which is located at the bottom of the bowl, and the new power supply. In addition, it should have a camera on the front and back. About the exact resolution of the camera can be said unfortunately still nothing. Nevertheless, the release of the iPad mini is rather surprising, because a year ago, Apple denied his interest in selling such devices, because they have a lack of convenience according to Apple. But by the large number of competing products, Apple has opted now probably different.

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