Posted by marmara on September 24, 2013

DMOZ (Directory Modzila) also known as the OPD (Open Directory Project) is a directory, which like all directory is edited by people, only that this is the most important and extensive in Internet; maintained and updated by volunteer editors. The listing is guided by language and by categories and each category subdivided, this shows you several alternatives that focus or accentuate the search making it more accurate and defined. There are really many people (editors) reviewing links behind this project that make it very effective and to which added you information permanent and constant, even you can join as an editor by sending your request will be reviewed and then accepted or not. It is not only a very good resource of search but that it is also a good place where to promote web sites. If you have a specific theme and want information of good quality it is here where you should look. To give you an idea of the magnitude and importance of this directory is enough to say that the very same Google uses it as a search directory.

If you want to include your website in this directory you must enter a: suggest URL and first revise their policies of submission sites, this is something very important because of not understanding what it is, you run the risk that your site is rejected. It is very important to also note very well the orientation that you give to your site, you must include it in the category and sub categories requires and is necessary so that you take your time and analysis very well since they leave you rinse which are highly selective and do not accept all sites. Keep in mind that it is very important that you choose the category that most suits the theme of your web site; After registration you should expect that an editor will review your site and this step takes quite some time, so arm yourself with patience it is not an easy process but the wait really worth. It is convenient that after that your site is accepted do not try entering it again in another category if an editor detects it, it’s almost certain that you reject. A fact to keep in mind is that there are categories with PageRank of 8 so a link in Dmoz is certainly advantageous. But as I said the wait is long and can take up to six months. All sites in Spanish are included in any category within World Spanish Bueno, to begin the process of sign high on Dmoz, knowing that it is a long process but that it will indeed be very advantageous for your website already same. Lots of luck!

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