Spiritual Rest

Posted by marmara on September 22, 2019

Never feel a victim of your thoughts. 3. Simplify your life to the fullest modern life, places to spend a long time. We can feel with the feeling that we will never have enough time to fulfill our tasks. However, we must minimize the most of all our demands. Take your time to simplify your life, as you will find many things that you will not be able to perform, in fact often unnecessary tasks we added to our agenda. Asnicar performs the most important tasks, and when Do: enjoy them.

In order to experience peace of mind is important to avoid having a life full of clutter with unnecessary activities and concerns. 4. Take time to cultivate the peace of mind every day use eight hours to earn money, what can we not find 15 minutes to find spiritual peace? No matter how much money you earn, the money is not going to give any kind of peace, but if you only use 15 minutes in meditation and relaxation techniques, spiritual peace will then be possible. Meditation does not just mean sitting for 30 minutes, which is looking to experience is a state of consciousness that this flood of spiritual peace. The peace of mind is when we put aside all thoughts.

5. It is immune to flattery and criticism If we depend on the views and praise of others will never find peace of mind. Compliments and criticism are only two different sides of the same coin. They are only the opinion of others. However, we must not affect or by by criticism or praise. When we do we are feeding the egos, which we should learn is to have confidence in ourselves. This does not mean you have to love yourself in an egocentric way, simply means that we value and rely on our strengths. 6. Is actively disinterested spiritual peace, inner peace does not mean you have to have a life of a hermit. Laz spiritual peace is something dynamic activity. But these actions must be undertaken without reason within us because when we serve others we forget ourselves, and when we forget ourselves we can not have peace of mind. 7. Avoid criticizing others If you want peace of mind, we feel that our peace of mind depends on the welfare of others. If we are indistinct to the feelings of others, will be unable to count on spiritual peace and that everything you give it back. If we offer a peaceful attitude the rest of us for it back.

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