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Posted by marmara on May 24, 2017

For those who have the common mentality of the industrial age, his achievements are the following: go to school and perhaps college. They strive to be the best in all areas. They spend a lifetime working to earn money. They live their last days with a pension worth less each day by the inflation of prices. This is the reality: The school prepares people to be excellent employees. The real world prepares people to face the real problems of life. Many people leave school with a mentality out of touch. They believe that life is based on qualifications and that their achievements are directly related to their efforts.

But … In the real world, there are no grades, there are failures and achievements. In the real world, there are no holidays or work, or do not eat, period. In the real world, there are no exams, there are debts. In the real world, there are no teachers, your bosses are working. In the real world, there are no classmates, there are people who do not care about your problems. In the real world, there are no timetables, or arrive early at your job or is fired.

In the real world, there he is (was) better in class, there is someone who has more money and who does not. Although school is important for economic growth of societies and education, is not the ultimate key to freedom finance and a better quality of life. So what's the key? You should invest in you, not for a company or person may not even remember that you were an employee. We live in the real world and in the real world, no excuses accepted. Once over the years can not look back, and all that will matter in your economic life will be as you have invested in you and your family. Taking advantage of the opportunities is the way how to start and the Internet is one of those opportunities. Only people who are realizing the potential of the Internet are those that are taking advantage of all that has been revolutionizing. The author is the owner of, website where all information on how it's totally free without need to buy a product.

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Posted by marmara on August 11, 2016

Finding a niche is not to invent new products or services, to see the needs of other people (consumers) and then offer alternatives to their satisfaction. An example: For many years, lefties have been forced to use tools designed for use with the right hand, which is quite difficult. (If you are clever, try to write with his left hand, or fill a glass with milk or soda, or try to wind the watch on the wrist right). The things those designed for right-handed people, lefties and then to pass through hell to use, and that we all seemed "normal." Until someone discovered that there was a market for left-handed people willing to buy products designed for them to enable them to carry out daily tasks with greater ease. Here is the niche market items designed exclusively for use by lefties. This market niche existed before there products, but no one had noticed. And really there were also products.

Only minor modifications to suit this new market and ready to meet needs that were not covered. THE GOLDEN RULE No. 1: Find a market first that guide you and discover what they are seeking. Then looking for a product to cover demand and put it in the light of your potential customers. It is what is called market niche finding a niche market find correctly, your website will always Seller EARNINGS. But how do we find a profitable niche? To find them, we must do the following: 1. Identify market niches within a larger market segment.

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