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Posted by marmara on March 16, 2015

Any owner of the site today is taking action on his promotion to the search, believing that the majority of visitors coming from search engines. However, the cost of moving to high- business needs at times too big for small business websites and small businesses are in the issuance of a popular demand away from top positions. Part of the situation can be remedied by promoting the site on a low-frequency and mid-range needs, but in this case, the costs of promotion can be quite high. Search engine optimization bandwagon sometimes leads to what is forgotten the purpose of such optimization. Appearance on first place in the extradition is not an end in itself, this is done only to attract visitors to the site. If the attraction of using a search engine is too expensive, consider other methods. The first, what website owners think in this situation, it is about contextual advertising.

Unfortunately, the cost of such advertising is directly dependent on the value of search engine promotion for a similar request, and if the promotion is expensive, and then advertising is unlikely to cost much less. In some cases, you can put the site address in the usual advertising, which is produced by the company, and in all places where it is possible. For example, you can write to the address of the site work clothes, on the signboards of shops, both by road and so on. This strategy will lead some users to the site, especially if his name is easy to remember.

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