Parties Cycle

Posted by marmara on December 17, 2018

CONSUMER pattern and financial market Above was mentioned the concept of strategic consumer patterns upon which to dwell. This idea based on the fact that at different stages of the life cycle of the household appear different customer configurations. Different age groups 'sets of needs' may correspond to specific sets of financial services that will ensure a more comfortable use. For example, at the age of 20-30 years, most people form a joint life, to acquire motor vehicles, travel, pay much attention to their appearance, frequented clubs, cafes and restaurants and so on. Financial institution may accompany this stage of the life cycle pattern corresponding services: consumer credit, credit for buying a car, untied loan car insurance, insurance for tours, medical insurance, autocasco and stuff. BSA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the next stages of the life cycle of the family are changing consumer configuration, more focusing on the accumulation, improving housing conditions. Accordingly, the bank can also reorient the food packages according to changing needs. This approach is a model of customization in line with consumer pattern, characterized by a certain stage of family life cycle.

This approach may provide a business focus in a segment on a limited number of operations and as a consequence, strategic benefits in the form of lower costs and improve service quality. what needs to you? Like most other markets, based on reliable customer relationships in banking services is a mutual respect for the interests of Parties and partner ideology. Client as a person seeking to meet their own needs, but rising to the rank of partner, he is inclined to respect the interests of both parties – is the basic idea of partnerships with clients. .

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