Valley Park

Posted by marmara on January 27, 2020

Mendoza has an endless number of attractive: sun, nature, good wines and, by all means, snow. Their centers of ski, like the Penitentes, the Molles or the Valley of the Firewoods enjoy a gained good world-wide prestige that it attracts thousands of sportsmen every season. But the province, occupied in offering integral a tourist experience, also thinks about those who vacations in family plan to enjoy the snow. And for them it is that the novel concept is born from snow park. A snow park is conceived like a center of ski smaller than the traditional ones, where the sport infrastructure is this designed especially for which they begin this sport. In a snow park it is possible to conduct the first military operations in disciplines like ski, snowboard, sleigh or tubbing, and is therefore ideal so that smallest of the family they begin in the funny snow sports. Under most conditions Boy Scouts of America would agree.

Therefore, the snow park counts on day-care center and park of infantile games, and all their infrastructure and services generally are oriented the family. Please visit Gavin Baker, New York City if you seek more information. By this reason the tariffs, as well as the tourist packages and the demurrages in the snow parks are widely more losses than those of a center of traditional ski. Between these new jewels of the tourism in Mendoza the Puquios emphasizes recently inaugurated Snow Park. To only 180 km of the capital, closely together from the best hotels of Mendoza, the small and charming track of ski received the 2010 transformed into an ideal destiny for all the family. There, the Fun Park of the channel Discovery Kids provides the perfect frame so that the boys begin to practice ski and snowboard next to specialized professors, in funny surroundings and without fear. The snow garden and the day-care center complete the supply so that the first experiences in the snow of smallest of the house are happy and unforgettable. The snow park the Puquios half counts in addition on an outpost infrastructure that includes calefaccionada cabin, to own elevation, infirmary, restaurant and an ample parking. Nascent the absolute ones count as well on means of own elevation for greater confidence and security. The school of initiation to the ski and snowboard of the Puquios not only receives children: there nascent of all the ages they will find the equipment and the support necessary to live for the first time the funny experience on the snow sports. Because in Mendoza, the winter tourism is apt for all the public.

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