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Posted by marmara on March 13, 2017

Protect the adhesion factor of the folder, in the folder interface / base, during the presence of tangential forces, generated by traffic. Toughen or strengthen the surface of the base layer. Waterproof layer of base surface. Block empty superficial capillaries of the base layer. Provide adhesion between the base layer and the next layer, which consists of the folder. What applies the irrigation of League? Once with the irrigation of impregnation is achieved form a proper transition into the interface folder / basis, is required to place a material that provides a good union and adherence of the folder with the structure of the pavement being built.

Current engineering, not long since, they have tried different options, such as adding additives to asphalt emulsions, trying to achieve a deeper and effective penetration of the asphalt product and not only water that composes the emulsion. Another option that has been already used in the construction of pavements, is the application of a bio-polymer adequately formulated, to do so. But, continue asking us questions which not more clarification on the topic: what is a BIO-polymer? Briefly, and avoiding the use of excessive technicalities, you can say that Bio-polymer is a product specifically formulated for the application that is intended to give, either to be used as irrigation of impregnation, irrigation of League, modifier for asphalt mixtures as well as some other more. For impregnation or League irrigation, water is prepared base (that is to say will be a polymer or a co-polymer soluble in water to facilitate the uniformity of their application, as well as his exact dosage). Usually handled in concentrated form, to make its preparation work, which influences enough cost savings, when transporting only concentrate, above all when it comes to construction of pavements in remote places. a relevant resource throughout. Grammatical particle BIO, that precedes the name of polymer, has the important meaning of indicate us that for their formulation they used products that comply with the provisions of ecological protection. Advantages provide us the use of a BIO-polymer? In Mexico, already is not only a trend to eliminate from the market plunge known as FM and FR (fast-curing and curing medium), but that its production was suppressed by PEMEX.

Delete the total production of those products, has made proliferate preparations of asphalt cement, mixed to lower with diesel, kerosene, or any other similar product, which can not only affect product quality control, but they also strongly affect ecology during and after their implementation. In addition to the solvents used are usually fatty oils, which are slowly evaporating, and yes they easily penetrate the surface of the base, but not carrying with itself but a negligible amount of asphalt, but also, if it wasn’t enough the foregoing, oils fatty like diesel and its varieties, are excellent product to eliminate the cohesion between the upper particles from the base coat, loosening them. Suffice it to perform some simple tests in the laboratory, to realize in the form objective as a material that presents natural cohesion, in the presence of diesel, lose it quickly. It seems that the bio-polymer, pavement engineering is finding a wonderful substitute for discounted asphalt, as well as a remedy for the low penetration in the irrigation of impregnation with asphalt emulsion. Article written by: engineer Guillermo Narro Arizpe; solutions to private individuals or professionals on engineering problems: paving, foundations, problems in particular hydraulic, geotechnical applied, and more.

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