Pope Benedicto XVI

Posted by marmara on November 12, 2019

The night of this Saturday a water whirlwind and the fort wind forced to cancel the speech of the Pope, left seven wounded ones in the aerodrome and it has not allowed to agree to thousands of people. This Sunday has concluded the visit from Benedicto XVI to Madrid on the occasion of the JMJ. The Pope has conminado to the young people to that they are " missionaries of Cristo" in other places where others as they aspirn to something more than " a life without Dios". It has announced that the next JMJ will be in Rio de Janeiro in 2013. It remembered of touching form the victims of the accident of Spanair. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have done night in Four Winds and four days have followed him by Madrid. Many of them affirmed that they were " muertos" of fatigue.

After leaving his residence during these days in Madrid, one has gone to IFEMA to be with the volunteers of the JMJ. Its last act will be in the airport of Barajas, where it will deliver a speech next to the king. Million and average one of faithfuls, according to the National Police, and two million, according to the organization, has met east Sunday in the air base of Four Winds, turned into city-dormitory for hundreds of thousands, to attend eucarista celebrated by Pope Benedicto XVI. This has been preceded of the news of the impossibility to agree in this act. The organizers of the World-wide Day of Juventud (JMJ) have informed into which " huracn" lived east Saturday there is " destrozado" some of the chapels in which the 600,000 wafers for the sacrament of the communion had been located, reason why were chosen to retire them. The Pope has taken part at the beginning of the misa to assure the young people who have remained of watch after the strong storm that has thought about them during night.

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Euros Guard

Posted by marmara on February 10, 2019

A crime of fraud of electrical fluid is imputed to him and analogous. The investigation began after a series of denunciations on the part of the neighbors. High invoices arrived to them exaggeratedly that its habitual consumptions. The Civil Guard has stopped to a neighbor of Aljaraque (Huelva) defendant to manipulate the telephones of the neighbors so that their calls paid they directly to them. In an official notice, the Civil Guard has informed in question into D.C.O.

, of 45 years, to which a crime of fraud of electrical fluid is imputed to him and analogous. The halting took place after concluding the investigation, that started up as a result of a series of denunciations that interposed before the Civil Guard of the locality. In them, several neighbors said to be harmed by some type of swindle, because from February invoices with a lifted quantity arrived to them, far beyond their habitual consumptions. In addition in the relation to telephone numbers to which he had been called, they appeared lines 806 mainly of pricing special, as well as called to numbers of moving bodies or other provinces, that assured to not know. In spite of these declarations, it was stated that the calls were becoming from the own numbers of the denouncers, being all the neighboring victims of exclusively two streets of the population.

Before this, the agents initiated a study of all the invoices, reaching the conclusion that many of the calls agreed, although they were realised from different telephone numbers, which took to them to inspect the different boxes from registry of telephone lines of the zone, giving like result the finding of one of these manipulated boxes. Apparently, the prisoner, who had one of the boxes located in her facade, used to bypass the connections, thus to realise calls from her address at the expense of lines that were tarificadas to other users of random way. According to the source, in some of the invoices presented/displayed before the agents they appeared expenses by 765, 837 or 773 monthly Euros. The Civil Guard has well-educated corresponding diligences that, together with the prisoner, have been put at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Guard of Huelva. Source of the news: Stopped a woman in Huelva to manipulate telephones to load to him called to its neighbors

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