KOMCOM NRW 2010 At Messe Essen

Posted by marmara on July 5, 2023

Audicon advises visitors to private status Dusseldorf. PCRM has much experience in this field. 03.02.2010. Accounting, cash and accounts receivable management, ratio analysis, and audit are the main topics of the presence of Audicon GmbH on the KOMCOM NRW. The largest trade fair for the public service will take place on March 23/24, 2010 in the Messe Essen. Parallel municipality and the trade fair for procurement, the KOM2ORDER are aligned this year for the first time the theme park future.

Stand of M01 in Hall 11 the specialist for data analysis, reporting and audit presents audicon, its full range of services for the public sector. AuditSolutions software solutions for local testing, IDEA and AIS TaxAudit professional core of the offer. We offer a comprehensive assistance from audit planning and the implementation and documentation Auditors with AuditSolutions for local testing up to the standardized sample report of course taking into account the relevant Community financial regulation” declared Zoran Jotanovic, sales manager of Audicon GmbH. In addition, the audicon experts advise the municipal trade visitors to questions of cash and Receivables Management. With the introduction of the accounting, municipal claims management gets more attention. With the help of IDEA and AIS TaxAudit professional can be created an inventory of claims, curbed losses and reduces administrative costs”, explains Jadav. Together with Hartmut Heiden, Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Auditors and audit office head of the oberbergischer circle, Zoran Jotanovic enriches the training offer of the KOMCOM NRW. Within the framework of the wide-ranging workshop and practice Forum program, the two experts explain on the first day of the event at 10:45 how local authorities simply and effectively set up an internal control system.

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Smartcoupon.de Of Discount Coupons Discounts Offers Free

Posted by marmara on June 25, 2023

smartcoupon.de publish free discount coupons and win new customers smartcoupon.de is for the user guide for the customer completely cost – and casual. No fees, no purchase necessary, no advertising messages. You must not even register, but we could you always have the latest offers to inform you if you leave us your name and email. Their data are not passed by us. You can undo the sending of information at any time. Ronald Hamilton is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

On the site there are discount coupons, which lead in issuing stores, restaurants, etc. to discounts or allowances. In short: You save money! These coupons to print out and submit to the provider. Online providers, E.g. codes when ordering shall be indicated.

The mentioned offer is redeemed; the discount deducted or allowed the addition. If you redeem an offer multiple is the provider dependent and there if you want. By the way: Each coupon you can send with the function to a friend \”email forwarding. Pay attention to the validity of the coupons! The coupons are valid depending on the preset of the Publisher only for a designated period certain, extra. Many discounts are there only on specific days or only at certain times of day. So please read the text carefully and if necessary ask in the store or restaurant. Is it not a bit \”cheap\” to insist on discounts? Well, we from smartcoupon.de find it also unpleasant, in a shop, the designated price, down to trade \”. You need not to negotiate with a discount coupon. The provider grants the discount you like, because he could win as customers, without having to invest in costly advertising. Every entrepreneur can set after a short registration Guide for the advertiser a coupon on our site. After filling out the contact information in the registration form, he receives an email where a link is located. By clicking on this link, it is immediately activated and can advertise.

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Training Areas In 10 Minutes

Posted by marmara on May 12, 2019

Martin Kusch ensures with his guest lecture at the University of Wuppertal amazed looks of Dormagen, Prof. Dr. Theodor Stemper was January 30, 2010 short before the end of the semester of the Bergische University Wuppertal for its students from the seminary motor Diagnostics”prepared a surprise. In the guest lecture by performance Diagnostician Martin Kusch on Friday, January 29, could they find out about the latest technology in the endurance performance diagnosis. Before Martin Kusch, however with the presentation of aeroman professional aeroscan could start the corresponding test method, seminar leader Sani warmly welcomed its students. Despite the onset of another winter with abundant snow, after all, less than thirty participants had succeeded the steep streets up to the Wuppertal University building.

Some employees of the Department of sports science let Martin Kusch don’t miss the guest lecture of Dormagen Diagnostics professionals. Since the students according to own statements so far only a few experiences with the topic Spiroergometry had made, began Cush his lecture, after a short presentation of the company leistungsdiagnostik.de, with the historical bases of this rather medical discipline. Even if were only nearly one and a half hours, the sports scientist in detail explained the main parameters of the classic clinical Spiroergometry and the indirect calorimetry. Because sports scientists to diagnose any disease, but among other things help improve their physical performance of people, also the possibilities of application performance diagnostics in the daily practice of sports were not too short. Seminar leader Prof. Stemper was also pleased to present further possible job prospects his students in addition to the teaching profession, which after the Bachelor’s degree very useful also a master’s degree make. The highlight of the presentation was certainly the live test with the aeroman professional at the end of the event.

Little more than ten minutes Martin needed Kusch, the Students present individual training zones of the subjects. Based on the evaluation of the aeroscan were so even once vividly present the previously learned about parameters of Spiroergometry. But especially at the professionals in the Auditorium the new technique of the aeroman professional, which among other things without a disturbing face mask and without elaborate calibration caused surprised glances. Supplied sufficiently with information material on the subject of performance diagnostics, the students adopted subsequently in the well-deserved weekend. -Andreas Heinen, head of corporate communication-

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