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Art – loose concept. It includes sculpture, architecture, painting and even religion. So it really? The full information can be found here. Art – a kind of human activity, expressed in various artistic and imaginative forms of representation of reality. To art, all forms of artistic creativity: literature, architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, arts and crafts, dance and music, theater and kino. consider art as a form of social consciousness, the kind of spiritual and practical assimilation of the world as an organic unity of creation, cognition, evaluation, and human communication in a narrow sense – visual art, a high degree of skill and mastery in any field of human deyatelnosti.Iskusstvo – this ministry and joy. Serving the artist, the creative arts, creating a sensual image for the In order to recruit us into their inner world, in that part of the microcosm of the human soul which can not disclose everything, and just ready for this people. The joy of the artist from the fact that he has created for us in his work a new way of life, and gave us, behold, this undeserved joy Art – is a joy Accessible not to everyone, and humanity in our time, people do not seek it.

Joy can be born only out of suffering and overcoming. Art – this ministry, which is a state of mind the artist when it serves its natural purpose – freely, joyfully and enthusiastically, not because of the order of the employer, but only because the Spirit, Higher Power gave him inspiration, over which he has no power and so cherishes them, because without him, without inspiration is not possible to do in this bustling world. To date, created more new directions in art, such as kinetic art. As written on the – kinetic art (from gr. kinetikos – setting in motion) – During the current art related to the mass use of movable devices, and other elements of the dynamics. Kineticism as an independent field formed in the second half of 1950, but it was preceded by the formation of dynamic plastic samples in the Russian Constructivism (V.

Tatlin, K. Melnikov, Alexander ), Dada. At the time, folk art showed us examples of moving objects and toys, just like those wooden bird of happiness from the region, mechanical toys, replicas of work processes from the village of Bogorodskoye, etc. In the kinetic art movement is realized in different ways – some works are transformed by the audience, while others – the vibrations of air, while others are driven by a motor or electromagnetic forces. Immense variety materials – from traditional to of sophisticated technical equipment, up to computers and lasers. Not uncommon in kinetic installations used a mirror. Often, the illusion of movement created by changing light – here Kineticism merges with op-art. Kineticism techniques are widely used for exhibitions, fairs, discos, the design of squares, parks, public interiors. Kineticism extends to the synthesis of art: moving object in space may be supplemented by the effects of lighting, sound, light-music, movies, etc.

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