Dread Pri Independent Candidates

Posted by marmara on November 4, 2017

The PRI is terrified of Applications and Independent * The PRI was defeated by several independent candidates, and only in 1998 a candidate "not registered" won and ruled the period 1999-2001. * Time to end the corrupt PRI. * Do not be fooled by lidercillos opinion as Miguel Angel Granados Chapa Guerrero Taxco de Alarcon 30 January 2010. By: Jose Alberto Salgado Betanzos. National discussion resurfaces independent candidates "unsubscribe" to realize democracy in Mexico. With evident dread of independent candidates, the "unregistered" Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has nothing revolutionary, and if a lot of electoral fraud but Institutional and financial, for many decades, has been defeated very clearly from the best-documented fraud Carlos Salinas de Gortari in the trap of system crash, but have been increasing in power illegally and cowardice now marked strive to close the doors to democracy laws, as it did in the law of Tamaulipas derived from the first electoral defeat that have recognized and respected, when Maria del Rosario Salinas Cantu Elizondo, who decided to run as an Independent candidate "unregistered" won and ruled the town of Jimenez Tamaulipas in period 1999-2001, but not in earlier losses against independent candidates who were brutally repressed. His panic PRI independent candidates, it is because I was beaten many times by "non-registered candidates, who in full possession of his constitutional rights decided to participate independent of political parties, but even more scary is because he knows that all this time has managed to corrupt institutions and government agencies and electoral and bought it off the contenders of other parties in consultations dark, doing theater electoral competition who are only pretending to be, then then to enter the electoral process Candidates Independent not lend themselves to their miserable interests, they realize that at last contenderian seriously, without free manipulation of results, which is impossible for them. . Learn more on the subject from Nieman Foundation.

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Express Way

Posted by marmara on May 2, 2015

Many look to the Express Way from the bridge, a long time ago because we were all hoping to see something new (100%), with buses no longer felt sorry, or bridges where they would not see graffiti on every wall ( God knows who did it). But it is not. Back to reality and accurate data. All this work started perfect, closed the central section and began destroying the tracks. And he knew that this would end in 10 months (ie until February of this year), with a price of $ 9 million (pretty much).

Months passed and nothing. Just built the track, they failed to create the seasons (and replace the stairs to reach the station), planting grass and trees (as decoration). The target date was postponed again and again. Even after many irregularities had a thorough evaluation by three law firms. Concluded that canceling the contract.

Until he signed another contract again (sorry, but I have not found the precise information which company), and froze the construction of the corridor until the end of July. We are approximately less than two weeks to finish the month. We hope to take things seriously and work. We need people who want to Peru and to treat the lawful way possible. Facts To Remember: (Thanks to the website of El Comercio) First announced in April 2006, sources from the Municipality of Lima announced that the Segregated Corridor High Capacity (COSAC) come into use in the second half of 2007. This has not happened. New promise after the tender canceled bus service which transits through the Cosac, Mayor Luis Castaneda said March 17 that “by mid-2009 the Cossack is running and providing services to 12,000 passengers during peak hours.” A new system throughout the Cossacks, who is 33 kilometers, there will be 48 stations and 300 buses that will run 18 hours a day. There will be another 31 kilometers of feeder routes with 300 buses to carry passengers to the road corridor.

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The Same

Posted by marmara on March 15, 2013

Usually it is quite difficult to believe in one same one if nobody has taught to you to do it. Sometimes intimando with people more close friend, it give account to you of which in the life of the majority of the people there are problems within the familiar nucleus, a father or maltratador mother, lacking of affection and respect, parents with emotional problems, etc. are few cases where they tell you that its childhood has been wonderful. Then I suppose that it is normal that when those children become parents they do not know to teach more what they had, following the same landlords. But there is people who by some reason decide to cut those landlords, then discovers books as the Power is within You, and account occurs of which one can be desprogramar, been able to eliminate the beliefs of its childhood and to leave them back, can become another person, can even be able to feel more good, to accept itself, to be wanted and if one is also wanted then it is demonstrated that it will know to want to the others, but the work falls first to securing that objective, To be wanted to itself. It would not be good for beginning to break those chains? Pinsalo! Ponte that objective, and begins to change your life today. If you want to improve your life today, I want hacerte a GIFT " The 5 habits that will improve your vida" you do click Esther here Fertile valley Original author and source of the article.

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