Vitreous Opacities

Posted by marmara on September 6, 2018

Bione”Wilhelm Reich called the blasenhaften structures, which decayed organic material arise, are bale to bunch together, form a common membrane and start to move. These moving, closed clusters evolve into protozoa, single or multicellular and replicable microorganisms. Life is therefore by itself of dead material and not as assumed by airborne bacteria. Rich biogenesis radiation phenomena observed during this, that led him to the discovery of Orgone energy. The videos, which were recorded by the Institute for Orgonforschung and Orgontechnik (Ibrahim), show images of Bionen. Official site: CDF. Some of these images recall a bunch of bacteria. Others resemble the mouches volantes in some respects: there are larger and smaller balls, consisting of a shell and a core. It can be dark, the district be bright core or vice versa.

Transparent threads, which include ball-like fabric, are among them. Bionen – Institute for Orgonforschung and Orgontechnik (Ibrahim) source: Bionen -. BSA has much experience in this field. Institute for Orgonforschung and Orgontechnik (Ibrahim) interesting is an effect that occurs at these balls of visible as soon as the depth of field is changed: smaller sharper and glowing balls without core will be core balls with light district and dunkelm. Nieman Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The same thing happens while watching the mouches volantes: the bullets and yarns are small sharp luminous spheres and threads without core, prolonged concentration and extreme doubling it, or the core is overshadowed by the light. Is there a relationship between Bionen and eye floaters? You could argue that what we know as mouches volantes, in truth, is the visible biogenesis, which is happening in our eyes: in our eyes constantly new life arises from dead material. But there are a number of objections: we can recognize these smallest phenomena taking place in the field of Mt, in our eye at all? Material, which formed Bione there are dead in our glass body”? And corresponds to the speed change Bione (relatively fast), the speed with which are changing mouches volantes (relatively slow)? I would like to leave these questions open and instead indicate on the analogies between mouches volantes and Bionen: both are spheres and threads that appear larger and more transparent, or smaller and brighter depending on the depth of field (or concentration of the observer).

“In both energy flows or energy is released when two empire called the energy in and around the Bione Orgone”. Nestor sees the energy in the eye floaters as light as a seer. And both meet where something in life is called: Bione produce organic life; According to Nestor, seeing that the shining structure of consciousness creates our mental, emotional and physical world reveals. The spherical shape, which at the beginning shows any existence in particle physics and microbiology in the small or is evident in the astronomy in the great goes back to the original balls of mouches volantes. Floco Tausin – lights tree publishing

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PowerPoint Brain

Posted by marmara on June 27, 2017

More movement in learning – school and adult education in the past 20 years brain research has provided more insights than ever before in human history. Latest neuroscientific findings show that movement has a positive effect on brain activity. Who moves, has more from life! Mens sana in corpere sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body. Movement builds up energy in the body brings oxygen to the brain increases the efficiency of lifts the spirit fun recessed fitting on the subject of the learning content encouraging motivation it all has been proven and is known. But: Why is the reality in most classrooms and seminar rooms designed not after? Why is so little about in schools and in adult education can be thinking, how learning and movement implemented in the classroom? On the one hand brain and mind, on the other side of body and soul – that belongs together and must not be separated even in the learning. If we look back on our own learning biography, then we remember, that learning had to do with movement, but sit with remain”.

The immobilization was carried out no later than in elementary school. Sitting still for the purpose of learning, was the motto. Get more background information with materials from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. And the sitting still and listening to the entire school career at the University, in education, in vocational training pursued us then. It not worked with learning in the seats you simply continue remained sitting. Therefore it is probably also stay”, or? Later in the job you then attends meetings, sits out problems or allows PowerPoint presentations sitting in darkened rooms about fare. I once read: “PowerPoint is supervised reading” – this is true it probably the point.

But support is not sufficient, I think. To impart learning only in the sitting or to absorb – it far too little has changed since my own schooldays. I ask myself: what is there with the learner at all? How much is kept? Why are you Ways to improve the loading holding power not exhausted in the learning of adults the aspect of movement was long ignored. But even in adult learning and movement are closely linked. Current results from brain – research learning and revive that the brain learns easier, better and more sustainable when movement in the game. It must be not the great sport activity or the outdoor experiential event. Just stand up, change the place or the area, form groups, offer Energieaufbaktivitaten, BrainGym exercises build up u.v.m… all is movement, which stimulates thinking and positive influence on the mood. Who learns for life, must constantly expand his knowledge and update to stay informed for example in the profession. This is effective learning in the foreground. Frontal teaching can not manage to improve the learning performance. With motion and inserting as many senses, it is possible to improve learning performance. In my opinion only the action and erlebnisoriente learning can have a future. The teacher is facilitator and consultant who creates the best conditions in the classroom, to facilitate the learning of his students and course participants. A way is that there are more Gehungen instead of sessions and the learning curve is not only served but it goes ahead with the education – in the truest sense of the word!

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