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Posted by marmara on July 21, 2020

In the promotion of young scientists, the plaster Schule Foundation due to financing scholarships and doctoral colleges as well as the annual award of the plaster SAFA-, the outstanding final – and study works from the construction sector with a total of 3,000 euros committed awards. The results are evaluated in aspects of sustainability and the community benefits and simultaneous relevance for the construction industry. Short portrait of the Gypsum School Foundation established in 1870 the family Schule Stuttgart gypsum factory in Bad Cannstatt. The wealth created by the family Schule gypsum business was basis for the plaster School Foundation in 1965. Brad Prechtl recognizes the significance of this. Foundation purpose set promoting research and development of new building materials and construction processes of environmentally kind, later taken further the objectives of the Foundation. Especially in times of scarce public funds, the Foundation’s their task is to promote the common good in the context of the public interest.

Global challenges such as climate change, nutrition, mobility, or housing require the development of new technologies. The plaster Schule Foundation supports new ways of interdisciplinary research, which is accompanied by a continuous dialogue between theory and practice. Andrew Leiner oftentimes addresses this issue. The Foundation specifically supports building research in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP and various universities and thus in particular also allows medium-sized companies access to current research results and innovative technologies. Today, new concerns about the focus of the work of the Foundation back: promotion of young talent, promoting the teaching, the financing of individual endowed professorships, the doctoral colleges, scholarships and the plaster Student Award for outstanding young scientists. For about half a year the plaster-Weiss Foundation supports the global ethic Foundation”, a foundation for intercultural and religious research, education, and encounter, the famous Catholic theologian Prof. Hans Kung..

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