Internet Traffic And Optimization ?

Posted by marmara on June 16, 2011

They operate from countries where this practice is not prohibited, according to the international organization Spamhaus, an eight years fighting spam. Send unsolicited mail (spam) on drugs, quick loans or pornography: the pirates make money by receiving a percentage of sales of products and many personal computers use the users for spam. In the United States and the European Union this practice is prohibited by law, but 64% of emails received are now spam. Every million emails only receive 15 replies, but it is a profitable business "Lengthen your penis." "Invest in BioMatrix Corp. "Extend your love relationships." "Put off your mortgage." The mailboxes of Internet users each day are filled with advertisements for miracle drugs, profitable investments or luxury goods at bargain prices. The receipt of spam has now become the primary concern of Spanish Internet users, well above the virus or the fraudulent use of credit card, the report eEspana 2006 France Telecom Foundation.

And is that about 64% of mail that circulated online in September was adware. This means that spam is not just a nuisance. Their abundance is clogging the Internet. Some 55,000 million unsolicited emails are sent every day. Who creates and sends all this huge amount of junk mail? The nonprofit organization Spamhaus, based in the UK and has spent eight years fighting this activity, has published a list of the top 10 spammers. Explains the entity, this small group is responsible for about 80% of spam that is received in Western Europe and the U.S..

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