The Ice

Posted by marmara on July 27, 2018

4. Funds for a fire in a sealed packet (matches, dry alcohol, paper, etc.) should always be dressed in a fisherman in his pocket to have a tightly sealed plastic bag with a box of matches and a small combustible material. For example, a dry alcohol, and folded a few times a sheet of paper. It takes little space and very helpful if the clothes get wet, a fire to dry. 5. Dry socks, wrapped in plastic bag.

6. Hermetically packed cell phone. How to navigate on the ice 1. Move water over the ice only in good visibility. 2. It is desirable to keep the group.

3. The first is an experienced fisherman. 4. distance between fishermen should be 5 meters. 5. Go checking ice cessfully, sliding step, without removing the feet of ice. 6. "" on the chest, or both in children mittens with elastic band. 7. If you ski, you have to undo the fixing and lift the loop sticks with it. 8. Bypass sites with dark, honeycombed ice. 9. It is better to leave the ice on the tracks of others or where clear vision of security gathering. 10. Safe ice thickness – 10 cm per 100 kg. 11. Go on the ice better with friends. If disaster struck – you failed. What should I do? – No panic, do not make any sudden movements, breathe as deeply and slowly – raskinte hand in hand and try to catch on the edge of the ice, having betrayed the body horizontal position in the direction of the flow – try to gently lean forward on the edge of the ice and throw one and then another leg on the ice; – Choose from sage, rolled back, and then crawl in the direction whence came: because the ice is already tested for durability.

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Barcelona Olympics

Posted by marmara on December 21, 2013

Born in Lviv, 14.5 years, began boxing. In 1992 he reached the final of the Barcelona Olympics, World Cup winner 1994. In 1997 he emigrated to America. Create your own business, got some money, free time. It seemed that I achieved everything he wanted. Marry on the balcony, relax, smoke, ocean, and in my head thought: what kind of life is this – eat, sleep, travel, and life passes, and what I live It's easy to be born and die? I believed in God, but faith as a religion did not accept. Felt that there Higher power, which governs us. One day his wife brought a newspaper, Seven Days, "which was written about Kabbalah, went to and realized that it was mine.

When I first participated at the congress in New York, I had a feeling that I I am in a special world. Gathered different people, but the unity of thoughts, actions, you understand without words – such can not be found anywhere else. But here When fifteen hundred men hugging crying, and it's not played enough, the heart cries. This Congress is never finished, because we have moved some line beyond which previously could not break through. If I ask the question that I found in Kabbalah, I would say that Kabbalah provides an opportunity in life to feel the supreme intelligence, which leads us, you merge with Him. Many people know that there is something higher, but do not know how to contact them Mine Italy My heart is torn to pieces.

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