The Brain

Posted by marmara on September 25, 2019

and create a device famacologicamente slowly release chemical pathways in areas where there is deficit of the same. For example directly in a slow release norepinephrine in patients with depression, anger and box with GAD in the cerebral cortex and thus increase motivavion and welfare. Similarly dopamine release in patients with addictions to over withdrawal symptoms, milder and increasing the sense of pleasure and excitement. Similarly be released directly into the cerebral cortex. In the same way and method for the release of serotonin (mood hormone) and acetylcholine, which provides excitatory actions.

Inhibitors also offer treatment to those patients for greater segregation of chemical pathways. In this regard, it is conclusive studies which stated that individuals with hyperactivity develop an addiction, so it would be advisable that treatment of a chemical inhibitor more present in the brain. With regard to gender violence, major social problem as it represents and for the deaths of 70 women at the hands of their partner or former partner it 2007 in our country, razonalizar on the behavior of male individuals that would be wrong, but … I will dare. Nieman Lab is often quoted as being for or against this. Do not agree at all with those behaviors and defend it from me a harmful attitude, but the problem of gender violence, according to studies, is due to the dominant identity of the man who acquires genetically in principle and then feeds on the family experiences , social, etc …. A man the more you learn from childhood to respect women are less likely as adults to be aggressive with your partner. A clear example of homosexuals, women have a special sensitivity that prevented him from feeding the dominant male identity and the incidence of domestic violence in gay men is scarce.

I believe that homosexuals should be the true educators to that portion of male dominance and machismo that populate our country.Laugh interesting to test this thesis, hypothesis, which is analyzed by a thorough research center. I’ve just done a job for me has been a personal challenge have been many hours of reading, analyzing concepts many of them unknown to me. There have been many hours spent to reflect events and behaviors that are blamed as responsible as the human behind every action and behavior is the real responsibility and responsible BRAIN. This challenge has resulted in me a strong commitment to continue studying our brains and have hope that one day soon be able to prevent and treat all harmful conduct. ‘.

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