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Posted by marmara on September 26, 2020

Everything that occupies a space out of your House unnecessary and get used to liberate spaces from time to time. When you use the law of attraction do not forget that you attract what you are and you are what you attract. Beware of what you think, talk, and how you act and propagate gossip if you are constantly talking about how bad that is the economy or how bad that is your economic or emotional situation, you will not improve because your attention is focused on the negative and are going to achieve what most think. No matter how good or bad is your existence. The strength that you are generating towards the cosmos, returns multiplied. You can say: How can the universe be that stupid to give us bad things? The cosmos has nothing to do with what you get. Your will and your FREEWILL will attract those things that you get used to it and accept for good.

You are solely responsible for obtaining what you want for you and yours.If you earn much money, or, if you have an ugly and bad-tempered girlfriend it’s not your fault. Only you can tell if it is time to change what does not work. If you have a car that is a disaster, a bad job, and manipulative and unstable friendly relations were you who said: Yes when all this came to your existence. In addition was you who not fought for a better job, a better truck or find your soulmate or anything else that you’re looking for. There are situations that are beyond your control, what is important is not what happens to you but how you react to the imponderables of fate. If you want to turn off the automatic system and be different than most of the people you meet every day, you think before you act.

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