The Millions

Posted by marmara on November 1, 2020

The meditation that I practiced, initially, for being the first that we were taught, was abstractiva meditation through breathing support; with this practice I could pacify the mind, start to stay calm when it was necessary, talk slower, think before you speak, be more observer, sleep better and understand others. From this seminar, I started to understand that spiritual intelligence is what makes him missing to the millions of people who inhabit the Earth, because before this seminar, I thought that what was needed to the people was emotional, social and aesthetic, intelligence before this, had not made me aware of that intelligence spiritual and transcending all types of intelligencethe latter is the only one that will allow us to be happy and the only one that will allow the Earth to survive so much predation and existential crises experienced by millions of human beings. In my meditative practice, could give me account that at the start cost me work focus, breath support, helped me to empty my mind, as He continued practicing I could achieve a better concentration and improve results. Meditation gave me patience and equanimity, can see and hear words and actions without losing sanity, gave me the ability to start to discern the different actions that happen to my round, without feeling the outburst of making hasty judgements which dominated the emotion; In addition, expanded my perception, my addictions were less dominant, some things that did me before suffering ceased to do so, I felt happier seeking peace with all those around me. In understanding others helped me learn the different levels of consciousness that people have, this knowledge opened my mind to consider all people as equals, to understand their level of consciousness makes the big difference in the way of thinking and acting, and many times this is the cause of suffering you will experience. .

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