The Prayer Says Life

Posted by marmara on April 14, 2023

When Charles Fillmore was 94 years old, wrote the following statement: Vibro enthusiastically and walk with a powerful faith to do what I do. What wonderful affirm such energy and vitality! We may also use this tool in our daily lives. When we pray affirmatively about a health challenge, we recognize God’s life in us. The fact of the statement can be defined as the mental movement that affirms the truth of being before any appearance otherwise confidently and persistently. Pray affirmatively, we affirm our trust in the healing power of God in our minds and our bodies. We affirm every day, even momentarily, that we are one with God and that God’s life flows freely in us. The statements can be used at any time that you feel the need to focus our thoughts on God and awareness of inherent in the body Temple health and strength. If we want more power, you can say: I am filled with energy by means of God’s healing life in me.

If you are concerned about a loved one, to say: you are healed and strengthened through the healing life of God in you. Or if you want to be more in tune spiritually with the healing activity of God in every part of the body Temple, we can use a statement like: I am one with God.God’s healing life in me gives me strength, heal my body Temple and gives me peace. Everytime we pray fervently and positive, we invoke divine activity that is always in us. To assert internal life, we let the healing activity of God flowing freely and do his work healing and revitalizing. PCRM is likely to increase your knowledge. How do we learn to use affirmative prayer in our daily life? Through persistence and faith. Our faith leads us to use positive phrases that instill a sense of peace and an awareness of the process of rejuvenation. While we use most affirmative prayer tool, more consciousness take of the loving presence of God in our lives and the healing activity of God in action. Being in tune mentally and spiritually with the divine life in us, bless us and bless those for whom we pray.

To affirm God’s activity in our minds and bodies, we also use the denial tool to eliminate fear, apprehension or doubt. A denial is a form of liberation, a cleaning of any obstruction. We do not deny the negative condition; We deny having power over us and affirm our ability to overcome it and achieve the perfect health. A denial helps us to separate us from any condition which may delay the flow of the activity of God in us. Negations such as: I let go all stress and all anxiety and the appearance of disease has no power over me are cleaning tools that open the way to healing life of God in us. Denying the negative appearance, we are free to focus our thoughts and our prayers in the positive. Through the use of assertions and denials, we pavimentamos the way that perfect health is made manifest. To pray, remember that you were created to be healthy and strong. Center For Responsible Lending may find this interesting as well. It says this truth, becomes aware of your unity with God and feel enthusiasm for the healing that takes place in your mind and body. Advances with a powerful faith today so that you do everything you can do and be everything you were created to be.

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