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Posted by marmara on July 4, 2019

Economic crisis makes innovative! After the Hausverlsongen in Austria, Spain and as a game of skill in Germany, a building contractor tried it with his Sortrente a legal raffle of a private Sofortrente in the amount of 3000 euro monthly output situation: we have a small construction company in Spain, which unfortunately also the economic crisis has hit. Reason of the raffle: we want to get our small family business. Drawing object: Private pension insurance, from July 2010 the cover of a monthly Sofortrente of currently 3000,-(three thousand) Euro entitled. This raffle is mainly also to our 19 staff or workers, we have to send in this severe crisis not in the Arbeistlosigkeit. Therefore, we have decided, and would on the one hand to be giving away our small villa on Majorca, which we used in the summer and only occasionally on weekends and on the other hand the here offered due in summer or “ripe future” Sofortrenteversicherung 3,000 euros monthly.

The termination of the insurance would be a very bad business associated with one about 200.000,-Euro – loss; and the monthly pension payments are not sufficient for the leufenden operating costs. A bank loan would give our Bank nor with a two times higher security. Founded in 1935 was our company by our grandfather and last 19 permanent employees and at times up to 30 additional seasonal workers. The economic crisis in the construction sector has met fully also. Our employees have helped all the years that we can secure our economic existence and our prosperity. That is why we have decided to offer our House and the Sofortrente one or two lucky: with this money we want to bridge the period of crisis, so that we get our company but also of the Hag-jobs for our children; We have a good reputation on the market and are confident that with the first rays of illumination a robust Unternehmenswahstum can regain press contact: RA-Prof. Dr. Jur. Yannis Chatzisavvas AP. Correos 11 E-07609 Arenal

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