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Posted by marmara on August 14, 2020

If the contact already exist, the emails are archived there automatically. This Riva AssignTo folders can be customized to the needs of a specific document capture. Rather than to archive emails in CRM, these can be optionally archived in Microsoft SharePoint or a different SQL database application. Riva CRM Integration Server does not improve by reducing the manual CRM maintenance only use and user acceptor of the CRM-system – with the archiving features are archived centrally finally e-mails in the CRM system.” Says Dr.-ing. folder save by simple copying of emails in the assign to in their email client Thomas Fleissner, Omni Germany our customers significant time. Time, which can use them more effectively for customer care.” Riva Integration Server provides advanced, server-side CRM integration, which, delivers a seamless synchronization of address book, calendar and sales or support data as an alternative to local Outlook plug-ins -.

Will Riva only once on the server installed there must no plug-ins on the individual computers, laptops or mobile devices like iPhone or BlackBerry are installed, configured, and managed. Riva Integration Server provides transparent CRM integration, synchronization, and interoperability between each Exchange client (Outlook, Web mail and Entourage), iMail Apple (Snow Leopard) and leading CRM systems like Salesforce, SugarCRM, SageCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and many more. Riva also enables a mobile CRM access for all ActiveSync Mobile phones, the iPhone and BlackBerry. No plug-ins must be installed on mobile devices or PCs. More information by phone under + 49 8192 99733 25 or via email at interested parties at Omni. See integration/downloads / free 15tagige trial version can be downloaded from Riva Integration Server download. About Omni: Omni increases with its solutions for CRM integration and identity management Productivity and efficiency in companies and Government agencies. The flagship product eControl allows network administrators, management, provisioning, audit, and user self management easy and secure to delegate non-IT employees. about Riva integration server Omni’s latest development, delivers an advanced CRM integration Riva integration server, – as an alternative to local Outlook plug-ins – a server-side integration for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web mail, Microsoft Entourage for Mac, Mac mail, iCal and address book, Novell GroupWise, BlackBerry, iPhone and other Exchange ActiveSync-enabled mobile devices offers.

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