UN Recognition

Posted by marmara on April 9, 2019

What did the UN for him only deserves recognition. For Amma obstacles are generated from the simple words nation and Religion, because this diversity is precisely what creates obstacles that promote peace, happiness and prosperity in the world. Nation or religion, peace and happiness would only if we work together as a global family, not as belonging to a race, prevail again. The key to world peace is within ourselves, and we should make us responsible for sharing this world peace. Peace must be fostered in the interior of the individual within the family and society.

All the great religions have much wisdom to share. Learn more on the subject from Boy Scouts. To the childhood now must be grown in the great universal values and the great human values, because they will be men of tomorrow. We must aspire to higher States of consciousness and understanding. On the basis of the ideal religious all Nations should twin up and fight the hunger and the misery that 11,000 to most of humanity. Only through constant and determined effort, we will succeed in changing the dominant forces in the societies, perhaps do not give visible changes but if we do, that change will be reflected in our healthy development, any harmony that is visible is a great indicator that change is brewing. The Nations that have both harmed humanity should apply new principles that heal the old wounds, you will only happen if we are conscious of our unity, of what we can give to others and not on what we can do anything more for ourselves. If we care about seeing the future of happy humanity, we must tackle the root of the problems. The final cause of all suffering is the human mind, it is true that there are economic and political problems, but these actions are motivated by the human mind. When he is accompanied by the intelligence of compassion, which is human feeling, for the Dalai it becomes useful, since education systems pay much attention to brain processes, and does not grant them attention to spiritual development, the authorities leave this task to the ecclesiastical organisations this type of development and other similar.

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