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Posted by marmara on May 3, 2019

Sure every Windows user is faced with failure when deleting a file or folder. That is now unnecessary blot archive of music and as much as 10.5 gigabytes vysvobozhu place. 'And here and there', exclaims the system and shows the window: 'Can not delete the file. Dr. Neal Barnard wanted to know more. " Of course, the error can easily be repaired and you can fix it with standard tools the OS, but you can do poelegantnee – c Unlocker – a program to delete files. Although the error message may indicate a different, probably all this happened because of lack of rights to performance of a given file system failure . In the first case it may be an invalid file name, wrong sector on the HDD and the file path is too long, and so on. In this case is strongly suggested to have recourse to the utility chkdsk. In the second case the axis does not give the user to the required access rights to the object.

Most often this happens on a computer whose hard drive marked under NTFS, on the LAN or multiple accounts users. Here we are faced with the division of access levels and user groups to the files – a reliable and at the same time a complex machine. We will not go into technical details, and explain better with an example. Loth deleted file can work with another participant in the network, another user, another application or process – that is, a file or folder has any open descriptor. As However, if we are thinking confidently remove non-removable file, you will first remove all processes using that file. Here we will help Unlocker, which will show all open file descriptors and complete them. Utility freeware, small, with the Russian language, easy to use and functional. It flexibly integrates into the Windows context menu and does not ask for any special skills to work. In addition to deleting files is also provided, and other operations – Rename or move, which also often need to work.

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