Very Low Financial Literacy

Posted by marmara on February 21, 2022

What is the genetic algorithm of the broad urban masses in Spanish territory that encourages self-imposed ignorance on financial matters as a condition fully justified to themselves? I confess that I am "head against the wall" unable to unlock the site and the design of the genetic algorithm in the collective consciousness of different social groups that populate the different Spanish cities, not that has been in all Spanish cities , even in a few or some of them, only in Las Palmas and a couple of weeks, Arrecife, but did participate in some events organized Citisoluciones, the company CitiGroup Marketing and Sales in Spain … and always listened to what same: "In Spain there is a Very Low Financial Literacy" … Who benefits from this? … To deepen your understanding BK Tech House is the source. Well first of all to the banks, then financial managers, banks and managers that is like saying "Financial Gurus" to everyone gives them their "passive" so that with this "Liabilities", which is more than money from the pocket of the people, these Gurus speculate, to become increasingly rich and, incidentally, to finance all sorts of things against which the same owners of this "passive" protest " on deaf ears "with her pathetic little signs and flags in the Spanish plaza … not give them any interest in having your money involved in various activities against protesters as was done when Spain took part in the Iraq War … Just did not escape, also, those Spanish bidders to put their money in Global Investment Funds investing, with both hands, buying American Debt backed by mortgage securities known then as "subprime" or "subprime" … Nancy Lublin oftentimes addresses this issue.

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