What Is Podcasting?

Posted by marmara on September 21, 2019

Surely you’ve seen young, adult, walking with headphones connected to a small device called a ipod or any other brand of device that plays mp3. You know that these devices are used to listening to music, probably not know is that iPods can be used to listen to other audio, every day you can see video as well. These audios can be presented such as radio broadcast or podcast. As owner of your business over the Internet can create podcast, insert them into your website, your blog and they are downloaded. Many internet entrepreneurs use this tool. If you are selling a product or a service, the podcast can be a way to overcome the objections of your potential customer.

By giving a small of your products and services, record your information and allowing them to receive that information in their iPods or other MP3 player, will have more confidence in you. You must allow your potential listeners to subscribe to your podcast via RSS, to be notified when there is new content to be heard. So come down and hear your content on their devices. A podcast to use for your online business is that many people would rather be listening to spend time reading articles in your online business blog or newsletter. Another advantage is that you will spend to stop being a mere strangers to hear your voice to your potential customers, will give an idea of how you are and as you think. I found a page on the Internet in Spanish where you can upload your podcast for free. It is a website of the 2.0 generation that makes it possible to publish podcasts online. You can comment, vote and be automatically downloaded to your iPod to your potential customers. PodErato player can be positioned on your personal page, blog or your favorite social network. I personally start to use this method of generation of potential customers for my online business, then I let you know that it’s gone.

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