What Is The Romantic

Posted by marmara on July 14, 2019

Some part of the youth thinks that all professions are divided into two categories: the first are romantic, creative and independent; those in the second are mundane and boring and mostly consist of service to others. The supporters of this classification considered that touches to the representatives of the romantic professions in life more interesting. These happy removed the cream of life. They are involved in the scene, heroically disarm criminals and hunt the spies. And prosaic professions, second category, those who have made a regular job. They shave and cut the hair at hair salons. Sold in stores milk and cheese.

Work of Locksmiths or weavers. In fact life is another. The professions are not divided into romantic or prosaic. They are men themselves are divided into two classes: in romantic and not romantic. Boy Scouts can aid you in your search for knowledge. There are others in all professions. Here are a few examples that demonstrate this point of view. In fine hands of the romantic one most boring thing becomes a creative work because the romantic puts all your fantasy and skill.

And in the hands of a prosaic man more romantic loses its shine. Everyone knows the name of the hero Victor Talalijin who performed a feat unparalleled in the terrible year of 1941 in Russia. But not all readers know what profession was. And his work, to tell the truth, was not in any way romantic, as he worked as a butcher. But, who could say that V. Talalijin, pilot, which was decided in the air battle to a courageous espolonazo, wasn’t romantic innate? You know, y. a. Gagarin in his youth studied at vocational technical school and wanted to be a smelter. Clear, which then was not yet famous Cosmonaut, but not very tall and skinny boy with a gorgeous smile, and not highlighting in nothing. Its income in professional school was not casual. It was a conscious decision because after finishing school he entered the school of the same specialty expertise. And Yuri would be smelter, and very good smelter, according to the reference of the school, if he had no passion for the sky. And what? – will say one-. It is that all these feats are not feats of the profession of these men. Of course to become a cosmonaut is not obligatory to study at the technical college, and to become a hero is not obligatory to be Cosmonaut thousands of men performed their feats every day without noticing them those who surround them. Them not shooting them, them they not written in the newspapers, they do not show them on television. But these are men whom we trust.

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