Posted by marmara on November 3, 2013

They say that a picture is worth more than thousand words. And it is true, because a simple blow of view allows you to get an idea much clearer and much faster to a concept that if you have to read a written description thereof, provided, of course, that the concept in question can be captured in image. The most relevant media today are the TV, radio, written press and increasingly more Internet. A news on the radio is perceived much more rapidly if there is to read it in the press. But has no images, print media if. On TV, equally, news are perceived much more quickly than in written press and, in addition, relies on images, making it that probably it is the most effective communication medium. However, the written press, as well as his progressive replacement, Internet, has an unquestionable advantage over TV: one doesn’t have to adhere to a schedule.

Each read the press or access to information on the Internet at the moment We want to, when it suits us. Also, support, whether it’s a newspaper paper, a laptop, a tablet, or even a mobile phone, gives us access to information virtually anywhere. However, the amount of images that provides TV is unquestionably superior to the echoing availability of images in newspapers, both in paper and on the Internet. Why not change it? In newspapers, there is one obvious limitation of space but not in Internet. Does that information on the Internet have to copy press, with very few images and small format? Why not provide information on the Internet with a lot wider coverage of images and of higher quality, for example through a link in every news? Possibly when this happens, Internet definitely replaces the print media in paper format almost in its entirety.

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