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Posted by marmara on April 20, 2020

The disease has a clear definition of alcoholism according to the World Health Organization. By this definition, the excessive consumption of substances containing alcohol in its composition, which leads to addiction and Depending on these substances. The disease destroys the foundations of the body. It leads to the shell distuktarizatsii immune human tissue destruction of the internal system. Also, alcohol leads to heart disease, liver. Detrimental effect is the same for all other organ systems associated with these bodies of a domestic bond. In the alcoholism treatment, physicians were divided into three treatment groups. The first group is doklinichestvkoe treatment of man.

Typical signs of a severe hangover and increased craving for alcohol. In the second stage a person begins to develop a physical need for alcohol on a daily basis, and the person begins notice that he has no control over their actions to achieve their goals. The second stage is characterized by the development of physical dependence and withdrawal syndrome formation. At the final stage in the forefront syndrome of chronic intoxication. Usually, people seek help and treatment at the second stage depending on when they realize that they have become addicted to alcohol and that they must take steps to eliminate this dependence. The most common method of exit from alcohol dependence in people consider coding for alcoholism. Despite the fact that many doctors believe this method is adversely affecting the human psyche and even destructive, it is the most popular and in demand in the market treatment of alcoholism. Its advantages lie in the rapid action and high efficiency, can not boast of than other treatments for alcoholism.

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