Colostrum, The Oldest Recipe Of Nature Affiliate!

Posted by marmara on April 22, 2019

Support your defenses with the umbrella for your immune system by affiliate! In addition to vitamins, minerals, trace elements and a variety of amino acids, Colostrum has natural immune and growth factors in unique concentration, which can be optimally utilized by the human body. Colostrum in the online shop affiliate is obtained from the colostrum from New Zealand or German grazing cows. This milk is largely free of fat, the immune proteins are concentrated and gently dried. It is a concentrate of the best and most valuable ingredients of colostrum, that support also the intestinal flora. Colostrum contains important ingredients and minerals of immune milk, needed a powerful body: amino acids: vital protein building blocks for metabolism and is responsible for the regeneration of the cells. Immunoglobulins and immune regulators: immunoglobulins such as LgG1 and lgG2 are the antibodies of our immune system.

Stop viruses, among their main tasks Bacteria or bacterial metabolic products. Learn more on the subject from BSA. Immune regulators such as Lactoferin, insulin, and many others to control the Defense power of the body. Immunoglobulins and immune regulators are essential for a fully functional immune system ensure that an immune-weakened body will soon abwehrfahig. Natural growth factors: these proteins (IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF-beta, cortisol, prolactin, testosterone, progesterone, insulin, DHEAS, etc) Act as a neurotransmitter and the cells convey information on cell growth and metabolism. You control the constantly necessary renewal process of cellular metabolism.

Minerals: All trace elements are included in the colostrum, the phosphorus content is particularly high. Vitamins: They are present in sufficient concentration and ensure a properly functioning protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Contains B vitamins work exhaustion contrary to and promote the formation of blood. Endorphins, lactoferrin, and Interleukins. More Ingredients in colostrum provide a stimulation of the lymph nodes and have a positive effect on the stabilization of the immune system. The active ingredients of colostrum glycoproteins protect digestive enzymes and gastric acid. Colostrum contains a natural and meaningful combination of vital substances. The colostrum of cows is well usable by the human organism. In the University of Cologne, the effect of colostrum was examined and confirmed the antioxidant and immune active effects on the immune system. “A standardized colostrum extract of bovine neutralizes free radicals and activates immune cells without cytotoxic.” Source: Institute of the University of Cologne medical journal: Jan. 18, 2008 colostrum at Affiliate gluten-free is free of gelatin and without colourings and preservatives and ideal as a natural dietary supplement! Colostrum colostrum can make a special contribution in cosmetics for the daily care of skin. Colostrum is rich in vitamins A, C and E, minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, Magnesium and trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium. In combination the vitamins A, C, in conjunction can protect the skin with zinc and selenium from free radicals. Colostrum also offers the possibility of natural and highly effective support and care of injured aged just attacked, or stressed skin. Because colostrum strengthens the organism and supports, it contributes to well-being and a positive charisma. Now new to affiliate also colostrum cosmetics for skin care. Affiliate, Elke Rittrich Scheckenbach

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Renaissance Italian

Posted by marmara on April 14, 2018

History of the history of the furniture Cabinet, has its origin in the evolution and progress of mankind, but the earliest references complete enough that we refer to ancient Egypt. In this article we talk about the history of the cabinets. Today the cabinets are known worldwide and are widespread throughout Europe. Read additional details here: American Diabetes Association. In Spain, there cupboards in Coruna, in Madrid, in Seville in Barcelona, in Valencia. The Cabinet is known at least since Roman times as it appears in the paintings of Herculaneum. Although initially only serve to contain weapons, as its name indicates, was soon used to save all kinds of objects.

In the middle ages, with the exception of the churches and monasteries, serving only to enclose the weapons and armor as the other objects were kept in chests or simple sideboards. But already from the beginning of the 15th century used as a closet with the same purpose as now and its doors were decorated with reliefs when previously they wore only paintings. In the centuries XVI and XVII wore elegant cabinets of two bodies and from the 18th century are built armarios-vitrina and bibliotecas-vitrina as worthy of Hall and cabinet furniture. Early cabinets are four doors, two above and two below, and serve to keep white clothes, used woods such as walnut and oak, plywood and carving decoration were walnut and the half-columns were usually obscured Peral. The architectural aspect and the tendency to use decorative motifs more rich, escultoricos derived from the Renaissance Italian leaves his influence throughout the century.

The Kabinettschrank is a derivation of the Cabinet, furniture to which sovereigns and Lords trusted the representation of their wealth. Therefore it is very difficult to find copies in the shops of Antiquities, luckily have become museums. The homeland of the Kabinettschrank was without doubt Augsburg and its diffuser parent Philip Hainofer, Augsburg furniture were the most beautiful; performed entirely in silver, often using expensive materials were added to that precious stones and polychrome plaster, gilded bronze figures and Automatic musical mechanisms.

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Makeup Spring

Posted by marmara on February 22, 2016

A trend that comes back – pink makeup. His intensity and the radiance change according to seasons. This spring, pink makeup will be bright, almost powdered eyes and deeper on the lips. For the more adventurous, you can put it more intensively on the mobile eyelid. Michael Kors Collection for Estee Lauder, a collection of Egerie Shu Uemura, a collection Boudoir de Christian Dior. 2. Glowing nude.

Tone School in makeup trends spring 2010, is decorated with rainbow colors: pink and glowing, almost Pearl, for a person who breathes freshness and cleanliness. Close to the style of Baby Doll, tone luminous spring of 2010, approaching the opal shade. Collection Oh my rose de Lancome, defile Chloe printemps-ete 2010, a collection of Cotton Flower de Clarins. 3. Turquoise. With the arrival of a beautiful, warm days, turquoise color comes into its own. Very impressive it will look with a tan. Inspirational lightning, which blocks the view, it is applied with eye liner, creating a graphic look.

Well, very fashionable! Warning: Do not apply this color all the eyelid, it will look too bulky. ete Estee Lauder, pallet Alice aux Pays des Merveilles Urban Decay. 4. Blush. If this winter, make-up ran a trend-resolution bright makeup on eyes or lips, but at the same time maintaining a clear tone of a person, then in spring we are seeing the opposite trend. Glowing face and bears rosy-colored or apricot roses. Lips are nude, look easily decorated with white shadows, but underlined with ink. New Collection Rouge Make Up For Ever, Nars. 5. White eyelids. Often, fashion likes to play with the extremes. After a bright and busy winter makeup for the eyes will change to an ultra-light. White shadow or glow, with a metallic sheen shades willfully dwell on our eyelids to create a fresh and glowing look. Look Spring / Summer 2010 Givenchy. 6.Temno-brown hue. For evening makeup, jet-black and white will yield its place to make it easier, but equally intense hue. Black will be replaced brown, beige and white solid. Collection of Michael Kors Estee Lauder 7. Solid color. Let it be for a foundation or to the lips or eyelids, the shades close to nature, take place this spring. Collection Empreinte de Chanel, fashion show Spring / Summer 2010 Givenchy 8. Spangled glitter varnish. In the spring, our fingernails possess sequins. They will add a touch of light blue, gray or black, but with no hint of disco. Lucky opi Alice aux Pays des Merveilles exclusive at Sephora.

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