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Posted by marmara on July 2, 2020

The Camgaroo award is aimed at creative enthusiast video meets fantasy it’s Camgaroo award 2010, the video film award for amateur filmmakers, already awarded for the ninth time by LechnerMedia video contest. In addition to the prices in the different age groups, an extra 3D-Preis is written out to this year for the first time. All dedicated amateur videographers that reflect the theme “Fantasy” with a short film itself can win the video film award. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from CBC. Not only the genre is specially meant, but also a possible imaginative ideas their own, for example from the fields of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and vampire movie. To submit is a short film by maximum 4 minutes in length. This year, for the first time a special award 3D is written out. Center For Responsible Lending contains valuable tech resources. It evaluates real (stereoscopic) 3D-Einsendungen. This is free choice.

The film competition was launched in 2002 and is held regularly every year on various topics. In the press, the Camgaroo award will be now as “Oscar the” Enthusiast”referred to. The prices of the plasma display on a semi-professional camera valued at 4399,-euro up to a real 3D TVs.

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