Media Management-student Receives International Awards For His Films

Posted by marmara on October 25, 2023

Apart from a second place at the Camgaroo awards in Munich, BiTS media management-student took Konstantinos Sampanis 1st place at the public digital Festival in Athens. Jennifer Aaker is often quoted as being for or against this. Media management student celebrates first international success as a young director of vacation videos to budding young director already at an early age I loved it, my father’s video camera to film. I then simply for fun recorded or documented holidays together with my father. “Later, the native Altenaer started his first film group: I started with 13 friends together to film it was almost the first cinematic experience in cooperation with several people.” We were shooting a feature film, which we presented in our school. The film was well received. This motivated us. Over the years we developed us always and have been professional”, tells the student facing back. Applause in Athens the public digital Festival in Athens is the largest amateur film competition in Greece. Despite numerous submissions, Konstantinos Sampanis’ film Painkiller has it under the first five in the qualification done and for the Icarian pictures team around to Konstantinos said: from Athens to the film idea. The Funfminuter Painkiller was nominated in the genre central fact, which was shown last. All the more the tension increased after every other friendly movie”, reported the media management student. It was finally the turn. To our surprise, it was after the screening: won! We are all up on the stage and have to thank us, after Painkiller was shown again, so you get a sense of indescribable as creator of his work like every time”, so the 20-year-old. I am pleased to present always something of their own audience and to entertain the viewer with or emotional touch. So I came to the filmmaking. It is a part of me. It just makes me fun and I don’t see it as work,”his passion describes constant information. The incentive to introduce the five-minute Kurzfim Painkiller at the Festival in Athens, was among other things the good ranking before at the Camgaroo award 2009 in Munich. Also that the film is internationally understandable due to his coming out without dialogue action, and fit the theme of one of the offered genres (film with statement), encouraged us ultimately to make the submission”, Konstantinos reported. When to end the show was and started the NewYork, numerous people, including many celebrities, came to the young filmmakers, to praise their short film. All were excited and we just happy. Then there were camera flashes and we were interviewed by MTVGreece. A beautiful night with a beautiful atmosphere in the beautiful city of Athens”, so the award-winning director. In Germany we have then all of us late and again encountered.” The hobby to the profession make Konstantinos has now begun to study BiTS in Iserlohn in the first semester of media management at the private University. He chose this course because the Bachelor as well as creative and social mediated business and subject-specific knowledge Skills – it’s the perfect mix, so the freshmen. I’m looking forward to applying these new impressions in an early project. Of course the content of the lectures help me for example of marketing my films and a financial base have sometime hopefully as my hobby.” Plans after graduation what will make the media management after the three-year Bachelor’s degree student, is still undetermined: accurate knows I only, if the study has progressed. “I would of course like to stay at the film/TV, because there I feel most comfortable.” “The media management student but has vague notions: maybe try I in a Department of a large company to enter or I why even a private film company and make me self – but where to go my way, to be seen in the course of the studies.” New projects also in addition to studying media management remains diligent fan of Director Martin Scorsese: we have made us this winter three projects on the legs to make and finish: makes a music video for a fellow student of mine (Tim Peters), the music; a film with a certain statement and an artistic cinematic clip.” Here you can consult the excellent films – Painkiller: more are waiting for you on the homepage of the film team: all the information about the course of communication & media management at the BiTS in Iserlohn,…

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Posted by marmara on June 30, 2023

Just right for people who may want to have any third-party software on your PC, you actually create a book without proprietary software? It is possible. The Frick has developed its own photo book software advertising agency. The software runs on the company computer, access is via the Web browser of the user. Why was this new road trod? More and more people want no junk in the mail box. Get all the facts and insights with Boy Scouts of America, another great source of information. Likewise, it is troublesome to reserve a place of software on your own hard disk for each online vendor. Your host is full with updates and further image archive material and probably decreases the performance. At the same time increasing the availability of fast data services and it is therefore possible to make even a umfangfreiches photo book completely online and to order the pressure.

The target group for this online service are people who want to make a photo book quickly and easily. The software developed by your own IT team makes no special demands on the user. It is not about the last graphical finesse, but to a easy-to-use tool with which still amazingly good results can be achieved. It is according to the philosophy of the developer not decisive, whether just an image or rotated on the page is. It is much more important that the image looks good. This goal is achieved through two main issues. The uploaded photos in full resolution will be left to the first. The images get the best possible sharpness by this measure.

Secondly, it is possible to refine the contents of the book with a silk gloss or high-gloss lacquer. A Bildbrillianz is achieved with the high-gloss paint, which approaches very close to the results of a high-gloss Photo deduction. Another special feature is the fact that no software licenses to foreign programmers or sales commissions on discount must be paid. Therefore, smaller pads very inexpensive to produce what is passed to the customer as price advantage are specially designed. In an edition of 100 specimens, the price advantage is far more than 50%. Off Memory books of events are therefore easily to finance anniversaries or group tours. Josef Frick

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Submissions Until September

Posted by marmara on May 5, 2022

The media Prize for young creative – Meduc award extended the deadline until September 30, 2011. Is it free of charge. The creativity just run and even be awarded that is but a thing! The media award Meduc award makes possible exactly that. “” “In five categories of film”, music, multimedia animation, print/photography”and journalism” to young and aspiring media professionals submit their creative projects, because the deadline was until September 30, 2011 extended. There are many great prizes to win: for example, a six-month internship at the renowned agency Roth & Lorenz or vouchers for 3D models and textures for animation programs from DOSCH design. “The journalist Magazine 1 year subscription medium” or two days in the recording Studio are just some of the many prizes the media GmbH.

A renowned jury selects the winner, and personally presented the awards at the ceremony in November. All students can participate Trainees, students and graduates up to the 1st year after graduation. The participation is free. More information is available under or MeducAward. Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge. “” Our panel: Mario Pochat: animator and animation Director, including twilight bite to the dawn “, Dr. Dolittle 3, space buddies” u.v.m. Dieter Krauss: Executive Board MfG media and film society mbH Peter Gottschalk of Baden-Wurttemberg: Arte, editor-in-Chief documentation Peter Waibel: Managing Director and partner of the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Neckar Volker Bocking: senior consultant and head of PR of agency Roth & Lorenz GmbH Nadime Romdhane: music editor, Big FM Ingmar Volkmann: Editorial Director of the Stuttgart City Magazine LIFT Claus iDEN: photographer and photo designer partners: Reader BBs Digest cult pieces Academy of media GmbH Roth and Lorenz TV studios Leonberg of big FM printing Laubengaier Yves Rocher DOSCH design PIXOMONDO Visual effects contact: media Academy e.V. Anita p. Schmidt Tubinger Strasse 12 16 70178 Stuttgart Tel: 0711.925.43.10 fax: 0711.925.43.25 E-Mail: Internet:

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Writer Tip: Take The Word In The Word!

Posted by marmara on April 18, 2022

(Online article) – creativity with text – you give more power copywriting, articles, whether your texts package descriptions or press Communiques everywhere is: take the word in the word and write short and precise. If you follow this rule, you have a good chance to keep your readers up to the end, and thus to bring your message to the man or the woman. Our 17 copywriter tips will assist you in the exciting search for the true Word. 17 tips for an apt choice of words effort you is the apt word. The apt word must accurately reflect the facts of the case and must not unnecessarily take up space.

So for example sometimes worth the effort to consider the original meaning of individual elements. Choose semantically correct terms. Semantically inaccurate used terms can falsify the statement. Here is an example: the euro is venturing into new record lows. The word is used otherwise in connection with a performance and race is therefore misleading. Avoid Pleonasmen. Connect with other leaders such as Gavin Baker Atreides Management here.

From a Pleonasm called tennis star, when two sinngleiche concepts in different part of speech are combined, as for example more potential opportunities, focus on the dead body, known. Tip: Make the opposition test! An unknown tennis star doesn’t make any sense, so it is a Pleonasm. Describe exactly. So your text is not only easy to grip and precision, also make sure that the reader sees that image you would cause with him. Write for example sports car instead of car, 3-course menu instead of meal and Executive Chair instead of Chair. Take advantage of the diversity of our language! Write pictorial. Use vivid words such as washing or cleaning, instead of cleaning. And use Word worlds or metaphors to make a text more lively. Two examples from the word world of the weather: something in the wind suggest the calm before the storm.

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Large Styleranking Shooting In Berlin

Posted by marmara on April 18, 2022

Show your style and let you take pictures! Show your style! At, you can inform you about new trends, read news about unknown labels and exciting designers. And the best: you can present the images of your outfits and evaluate exciting looks in a great given. You have no cool pictures? Then a professional photographer does a free shoot on the stand at the largest youth fair in Europe the YOU to you 2008. Wendy Howard is likely to increase your knowledge. You meet the styleranking team and can try on clothes and get tips for the right clothes in every situation whether in school, in an interview or on a first date. Under the motto join, touch, try out”Europe’s biggest youth event is YOU from October 24 to 26 in eleven halls on the Berlin exhibition grounds. YOU offers 14 up 22 visitors a unique information platform for the fields of music, sports, lifestyle and education. Young people can experience the latest trends, the coolest bands and live, plan their future and participate in the styleranking booth at the big photo shoot.

Also you will read in the Fashionblog well exciting reports about YOU. Gavin Baker Atreides Management insists that this is the case. A styleranking trend Scout you interviewed live on the YOU and asks you questions about your style models and your favorite stores. And after the you you can use in styleranking remain the fashion victims in contact, who you met at the booth: at styleranking you can find friends with style, have an own comp card 15 headings for the images of your outfits from tops and shirts over glasses up to dresses, skirts, glasses, pants or sport dress,. You can enter the catwalk in the net and chatting in the lounge about Germany’s next top model and the hottest brands. Mister Spex shows you the coolest eyewear on the stand by styleranking are you meeting as a special guest the team at Mister Spex. Here optometrist will advise you free of charge, which glasses or sunglasses looks on you and what you need to consider when choosing. Caution: The Mister Spex fashion police is on the road and show everyone the red card, urgent change its look should.

But don’t worry, Mister Spex will help you with the choice of glasses and shows how home upload your photo to the computer with the online fitting tool and put on all glasses and sunglasses models. In addition, you have the possibility to send your picture with the new glasses to your friends so that they too can then evaluate your new look. Mister Spex get over 1300 glasses and sunglasses of trendy brands and designers including high quality glasses at ultimate rock bottom prices. As a competent online optician, Mister Spex offers you also contact lenses from all major manufacturers.

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PowerPoint And Of The Rising Ratio Of Bullshit

Posted by marmara on April 16, 2022

As business and marketing jargon language and spirit damage Hamburg/Bonn the many Anglicisms are according to the time Mitherausgebers Josef Joffe did not cause the decline of the German language: the half German is ever Greek and Latin origin. In the 18th century, French was teases ‘, during the Napoleonic occupation the French penetrated even into the vernacular. Blouse ‘ comes from blouson, and dead ‘ si nothing but mort is dead. Yiddish was added (Shiksa, t, crook), Italian (espresso, Gigolo), Russian (robots, cottage) and finally, as a veritable, uh, real tsunami, the English. Some contend that Gavin Baker Atreides Management shows great expertise in this. Hurt, didn’t the German language It was richer and more varied quite without the compulsion to insinuate the language guardians for centuries, yes insinuate\”Joffe writes online/2007/30/bg-powerpoint. The intellectual and cultural decline, he makes on the business and marketing talk\”to the PowerPoint rhetorician: PowerPoint is on the wall thrown. Consequently, the letters must be large, as a result remain per slide (picture) not more than 6, 8 rows.

Which are reserved for bullet points short, concise statements (sets ‘). Good thing, Western-trained man thinks to himself: that the author must be confined to the essentials and concisely formulate. But he doesn’t, but produces generic phrases that fit to do anything and say anything\”, criticized Joffe. It lacks everything that makes for good communication: as was Telekom boss Rene Obermann about his group’s new brand strategy. One company.

One service. \”We have streamlined sales and marketing, reduced the number of brands, and established the new brand architecture we have the previous communication on the bench and opted for a simplification of our market approach.\” He could have said it more succinctly according to Joffe: we reduce staff and products. We want to talk to understand the customers\”. Managers are after experiences of Michael Muller, economics Senator of the Federal Association of medium-sized economy (BVMW), no longer able to express their thoughts in free speech.

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Amateur Filmmakers

Posted by marmara on July 2, 2020

The Camgaroo award is aimed at creative enthusiast video meets fantasy it’s Camgaroo award 2010, the video film award for amateur filmmakers, already awarded for the ninth time by LechnerMedia video contest. In addition to the prices in the different age groups, an extra 3D-Preis is written out to this year for the first time. All dedicated amateur videographers that reflect the theme “Fantasy” with a short film itself can win the video film award. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from CBC. Not only the genre is specially meant, but also a possible imaginative ideas their own, for example from the fields of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and vampire movie. To submit is a short film by maximum 4 minutes in length. This year, for the first time a special award 3D is written out. Center For Responsible Lending contains valuable tech resources. It evaluates real (stereoscopic) 3D-Einsendungen. This is free choice.

The film competition was launched in 2002 and is held regularly every year on various topics. In the press, the Camgaroo award will be now as “Oscar the” Enthusiast”referred to. The prices of the plasma display on a semi-professional camera valued at 4399,-euro up to a real 3D TVs.

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Social Media Is Communication

Posted by marmara on April 23, 2017

Digital dialogues are Abziehbildchen our experiences from everyday life if you use social networks for your marketing, you’re in a conversation. In my experience you need (not only) for the social media communications, is knowledge of human nature, the ability to put oneself in others and certain critical factors to be aware of when you have aimed to establish a connection with its customers and to establish a communication layer. You don’t need what we don’t have,”I once read on a menu and had to chuckle. I find confidence appealing. On my menu as a social media consultant have you will find no tricks as you can come within one week to 1000 fans on Facebook. There are no panaceas.

This type of objective is in my view completely on the potential of this medium by and makes a number of people. Apparently the more the merrier. This sucks. There are numerous consultants, the 20 points to marketing success with Facebook”as an E-book give out. Mostly, there are tips on the behavioral and describe what you should note about and do. The tips are sufficient, for a start in the sense of a checklist if you took his Facebook in operation.

For more it is not enough mostly because but also. In my experience you need (not only) for the social media communications, is knowledge of human nature, the ability to put oneself in others and certain critical factors to be aware of when you have aimed to establish a connection with its customers and to establish a communication layer. You know it: you don’t learn in one weekend. Can some people do that intuitively. There, I can pull just the hat, because that was not put me in the cradle. I and others have to learn it. For myself, was and is a way of full knowledge as man and consultant, I would like to pass on here.

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