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Posted by marmara on October 23, 2019

"Tell me an American, what power? Is the money? that's brother said that the money, but I believe that the power of the truth of who he really and more … Brother 2 to not get caught in their lies – it is always better to tell the truth. Is this is so? In particular, yes, especially if you have problems with memory. However, we must have good will power to tell the truth. And not least the will to hear the truth. Yes, yes, it is to hear. People – always want to hear only what he wants. And it is very unpleasant to realize that it is actually not the case.

Not all people have the strength to fight with yourself, tell yourself, "How I am weak," and certainly not all people can find strength to say "OK, stand, and how it I fix it? ". This is where the lie comes into force. Self-deception. We begin to instill itself, that actually is not too weak. And if you had the spirit within us still speaks to us, "Dude, something must change." Write off all the "This is my destiny so, I'm doomed. " I now always get angry when someone tried to teach me to live.

And did not those who actually achieved something, and those who have recently complained that they had something missing in my life. But back to the topic. So how to recognize a lie, and where, right? And did. And what I am writing to you now – it's a lie. At the same time someone in her make out the truth. The essence will not change. Perhaps check out Harold Ford Jr for more information. Someone will continue to lie to yourself, someone is on a strong man. But when people have learned not only to tell the truth, but to hear it – it can become much stronger. And even more will be – when will learn to understand this truth …

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