Society And Individuals

Posted by marmara on August 25, 2020

The moral has thus a social character, since it elapses of the society and it answers to its necessities. moral therefore is marked by norms, obligations and interdictions. The moral is the set of norms and rules that the individual learns as being something that it must exert of static form. They are rules already previously established and had as certain. Standard of behavior to be followed, in unconditional character welfare, wants for a group or it to it welfare of an only person. What it becomes more fascinating the singular education of values is exactly the variations that we find.

It sees that as much the ethics as the moral is joint of rules. Being that the moral is the set of rules to be executed and obeyed, and the set of rules mentioned in the ethical concepts is for being rethink, reflected and in some reformulated cases until by means of the necessities of the society, the different forms of if observing the world, the facts and weaveeing opinions regarding the most diverse subjects. According to Rousseau, the moral conscience and the feeling of the duty are innate, that is, already they are born with the individual. It is not that the man already is born moral, why it is not born, but the fact is that it already comes to the world with the capacity to value the things, the beings, what and good and is badly. It is born with the capacity to learn regarding everything this and this capacity goes if perfecting by means of the stimulatons that it receives. In this way, it is here more than what clearly, the importance that we have to very search, to search and to define well the values so that if it can reach success in the education of these same ethical and moral values. description-social 1.3Retrospectiva of the education of values the man is always recriando, remaking, rethink facts and theories it stops from them creating themselves new and perfecting existing others already. Go to Cancer Research Institute for more information.

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Prelec Affective

Posted by marmara on June 30, 2020

For example, Knutson (2005) found the neural activity associate with calculation of the expected value. It measured the cerebral activity of the participants who had been since a small announcement until entire news on the probability and the magnitude of the profits or losses, at the beginning of an experience. The task was to inside press a button of a stated period that varied the probability in accordance with rewards to receive it. After to learn the tracks and the rules of the present system of rewards, the individuals had entered in the machine and FMRI, had been carried through 288 tests. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine gathered all the information. The authors had discovered that the activation of the ventral estriado nucleus (nucleus accumbens) subcorticais in prosencfalo (encfalo previous) is related with the magnitude of the return, but not with the profit probability, whereas the activation of the cortex mesial daily pay (anatomical comparison), is correlated with the magnitude and probability of profit. These results demonstrate that such evaluations involve, to as much the systems affective and cognitivos neural. In literature on neurocincia Lowenstein, and Prelec (2005) describes the papers of the cognitivos and affective processes, acting in set or separately, during the taking of decisions. In the mind, almost all the concepts and objectives of tags with a valence automatically are taken to the mind when provoked by an adequate symbol.

Exactly that the consumers are informed of the affective reply, are very difficult for them to annul the affective influence with cognitivo reasoning. The authors speculate that cognitivos processes can not be capable to finish a decision without one ' ' he passes/not passa' ' of an affective message, that is the function of the brain. The conclusions of these studies on the importance to affect the taking of decisions in parallel of psychology and the marketing, suggest that synergy between these two you discipline produce insights new on the impact of the affection or emotion on the memory of the visual stimulatons.

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Framing Theoretician

Posted by marmara on June 25, 2020

Leaving of the definitions of the learning and memory concepts, the relation between the two will be analyzed, and where measured one it conditions and it influences the other. Still special relevance to the process of the memory in the retention will be given to know during the learning. 1 Framing Theoretician the memory human being is a basic element in the tasks of verbal understanding and writing, in the calculation and reasoning. It represents an indispensable paper in the cognitivo system and could be considered responsible by some important differences to the level of the performance of the citizens in the pertaining to school, professional tasks, day to day, in the execution and performance of the tasks to carry through. The memory consists of a set of procedures that the individual allows to manipulate and to understand the world, having in account the individual context and experiences. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as acaho by clicking through. These procedures involve mechanisms of codification, retention and recovery. It is known that the memory human being possesss limitations, that is, the individual is only capable to memorize an limited number of information.

The memory is one of the components that integrant part of the cognitivos processes is. For Sternberg (2000) Cognitiva Psychology deals with the way as the people perceive, learn, remember and think on the information. The psychologists cognitivos study the biological bases of the cognition, the mental images, the attention, the conscience, the perceo, the memory, the language, the resolution of problems, the creativity, the taking of decisions, the reasoning, the cognitivas changes during the development throughout the life, intelligence human being, artificial intelligence and several other aspetos of the human thought. For one better centfica understanding of the memory human being has been adopted different perspetivas. The perspetivas most frequent can assign for structural perspetiva and the procedural perspetiva. Perspetiva according to structural, the memory would be constituted by some responsible systems for the storage and retention of the information wants short-term wants in the long run.

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American Truth

Posted by marmara on October 23, 2019

"Tell me an American, what power? Is the money? that's brother said that the money, but I believe that the power of the truth of who he really and more … Brother 2 to not get caught in their lies – it is always better to tell the truth. Is this is so? In particular, yes, especially if you have problems with memory. However, we must have good will power to tell the truth. And not least the will to hear the truth. Yes, yes, it is to hear. People – always want to hear only what he wants. And it is very unpleasant to realize that it is actually not the case.

Not all people have the strength to fight with yourself, tell yourself, "How I am weak," and certainly not all people can find strength to say "OK, stand, and how it I fix it? ". This is where the lie comes into force. Self-deception. We begin to instill itself, that actually is not too weak. And if you had the spirit within us still speaks to us, "Dude, something must change." Write off all the "This is my destiny so, I'm doomed. " I now always get angry when someone tried to teach me to live.

And did not those who actually achieved something, and those who have recently complained that they had something missing in my life. But back to the topic. So how to recognize a lie, and where, right? And did. And what I am writing to you now – it's a lie. At the same time someone in her make out the truth. The essence will not change. Perhaps check out Harold Ford Jr for more information. Someone will continue to lie to yourself, someone is on a strong man. But when people have learned not only to tell the truth, but to hear it – it can become much stronger. And even more will be – when will learn to understand this truth …

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Organizacional Culture

Posted by marmara on March 5, 2019

If to intend to get really expressive and sustainable improvements on the climate, we will need to invest in programs practical capable to intervine in what &#039 happens; ' of the skin for dentro' ' of the people, and that, therefore, they are not limited to offer only theories, models and concepts. Structuralized programs, that prioritize the otimizao of the productive behaviors through the reduction of stress and reactivity, as well as of the increase of the discernment and well-being of the collaborator. Nieman Lab follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Thus, we initiate a process in chain that starts with the improvement of the climate of the individual and that the organizacional culture will be able to culminate with the evolution of all. Perhaps you are thinking that everything this at least is complicated. The things were really well simpler at that time where the productivity problems could be decided with the squeeze of some screws.

But the truth is that the market evolved very in these last years and, if the company desires to guarantee its place to the sun in this new scene, a tip to increase the productivity is to invest in the improvement of the organizacional climate through the improvement of the climate of the people. The understanding of the relation between the organizacional culture and the organizacional climate is essential for the good application of the tool, based on the concept of organizacional climate that can be modified and be influenced by the manager, through the correct application of research of organizacional climate, and others tools. The influence of the Organizacional Culture in the Processes of Change the Psychologist in the organizations also is responsible for the organizacional development, a set of projected techniques to help the organizations to move for better. It helps the employees to improve its performance and to interact with its friends of work of more efficient form through principles and mannering procedures.

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Forget What You Have Learned

Posted by marmara on November 12, 2018

Learn to forget is a good step in getting new and useful learning, especially when we walked on the rocky road of ethics, values and norms of social coexistence. This is what experts call “unlearn” a term that the dictionary defines as “forget”. However, this short definition leaves out a fundamental fact: unlearn requires a conscious effort, as there is a weakness of memory but a voluntary act by which the individual achieves his memories removed obsolete knowledge, unnecessary or harmful. Henceforth we will refer to the need to eliminate the learning that today are harmful not only for the individual but to the environment in which it operates. Let us note that a good variety of anti-values are embedded in the collective unconscious mimicked in proverbs or sayings which teaching and no one questioned content. It is time to initiate the questioning, forgetting …

the effort to unlearn. The school and the family should be eradicated for example, beliefs as “a hair of the dog”, through which someone feels he was betrayed with authority to act similarly to who betrayed him in a typical invitation to the most despicable of vengeance, as if all the vengeance. Another common saying, candidate for deletion, is “making papaya, papaya departure.” The phrase has a dangerous content because it is an encouragement to take advantage of the weaknesses and omissions of others without considering the effects that this behavior can bring who acts and who, inadvertently or otherwise, incurred in the regrettable mistake of “giving papaya. ” Who takes the “papaya” or in some cases, “the papayazo” laughs and celebrates, while others suffer and, incidentally start looking the opportunity of revenge. The preceding sentences are not alone. At his side would have to write other like, “He who sins and prays ties,” which makes me pay me “,” San Juan is now the party going, “thief thief who steals a hundred years of forgiveness” “Things are not the owner but of those who needs, “the end justifies the means” (what a terrible Machiavellian principle, etc.). In our country we have the obligation to eradicate the belief that we can act in any way because “… we are in Colombia” (or Venezuela), as whether this was a pass to behave like cavemen.

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Social Assistance

Posted by marmara on May 24, 2018

The treatment that is based on a multiprofessional team directed these individuals has the possibility to be observing different conceptions of what the patients they understand of its treatment and if they find that they are having some improvement ahead of the society. In function of this reality the treatment is placed in focus the question of understanding and the fondness to change something the same related so that thus they can come if feel better. However, at this moment the searched individuals lose a little the aiming of the process and start to tell other events, even so, affirm next to these other ranks that if feel very well and that they like the way that deals with to it inside the daily gone CAPS and that it keeps its until the same. The work with this type of individual that has determined mental upheaval for a more necessary collection of data was certainly sufficiently complicated, since the comment alone could be made at an only moment due to necessity of authorization of the proper CAPS of Sprouts next to other public agencies, and with this only if it got the authorization for an only visit. Ahead of this, the same material that limited made use of a vast gamma of information if understood to the look of all the preconception that these people suffer and make reference to reference the work of the multiprofessional team who are of great value for thus having its aiming based on different areas and being able to be richer in its evaluations for having the positioning of distinct professionals in all the areas, either of Psychology, the Fisioterapia, the Fonoaudiologia, Psychiatry, the Nursing, the Social Assistance, of the Medicine, at last of the professionals participants of the team in question. As FONSECA HISSES and (1993), to rethink the interdisciplinaridade in the assistance to the mental health if does not limit to rethink the form with that this if has given, but, moreover, to analyze its essence, that is, the conceptual bases on which have been constructed the knowledge that bases the practical one to interdisciplinar, and that, last instance, it translates the world vision that permeia the instituted model of attention.

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Thinking Aloud

Posted by marmara on February 18, 2017

Severodvinsk my city where I was born, where I live. But at the same time I am afraid of him. Why? I dread to think what I'll do next. Few opportunities, some limitations, not giving a free card to reveal themselves. The youth of our city doing nothing, ruin oneself by drink. At it's just terrible to watch.

And what she has to deal with. That's just not necessary to say that is not "my fault". This life is a bad influence streets, lack of attention of parents. We have for themselves in response and the need to think about what we do, how we live. If you are as you live, so you like it.

But you have to fight and prove to everyone that you stand more that you can. Why? I always ask this question. Why nowadays so many no justice, violence. Probably everyone was asking myself the question "What is needed to survive in this crazy world?". In fact, this question embodies the meaning of life. And everyone at some point in his life thought about it. Many people think that the meaning of life is to live, work and improve their living conditions, provide for his family and then maybe lived to 70 – 80 years old, to die. But is this true? Also there is another view that the meaning of life is the acquisition of material wealth. And life will be happy and only makes sense. Most important thing to understand that for you is the true goal. And go for it. Believe in it. I believe that one day everything on the earth change for the better. May it's just an illusion. But I think the main thing to believe. Illusions, just to live in his world. Each of us has his own social circle. Anyone looking for friends with common interests. There is a wise saying, "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." People around you should share your interests. Look at the world the same way. After all, friends are not even home, but part of your life. The main thing is not wrong. People by imposing their own interests, you impose your lifestyle. And it must be in time to see what this person is really sincere to you. Indeed, in our time so much lies and deceit. Stumble costs nothing, but to get up and move on is difficult. People have become violent, closed. And who is to blame? We yourself! We will demolish the world with their hands. We go to the betrayal, lies substituting each other only to himself was not at the expense. In fact, this weak people who are ready to despair of anything.

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Internet Subject

Posted by marmara on March 31, 2015

It destroys the health and the person, without no inaquality or preconception. We know that the problem is old in all the cultures and society, but the dimension where is taking and the projections of the Organization World-wide of Sade (OMS) on the subject in the future it is not nothing promising. We need to intensify our actions in the combat to the drugs, now. When I say we need, I do not mention myself only to the government, sectors of the public and private health, but a social comprometimento with the question. For if dealing with to an including subject and personal interest and the population, we can appropriating in them of one said popular one and to try to transform it into attitude, which is: it is better to prevent of what attenuating. I say to prevent, in the direction simplest of its expression, that is the practical one of the anticipated action to the problem.

To work in the bases of the structure of our society, that is, in the families, the schools, the companies and, mainly, the medias. The information always was a great weapon in the war for the power and today we have the Internet as one of the facilitadoras greaters of the interaction human being in the globalizado world. We go to use it in favor of this cause. The culture is a communitarian social construction, a form to transform the reality. It is the collective effort that constructs the moral and ethical values of a people. We have two allowed drugs: tobacco and alcohol, that already had proved of what they are capable, why some people insists on liberating plus one, marijuana. Because we must be fidiciary offices the customs that do not make in them well.

Possibly many people already know deep the problems related the drug and even though, they have an imprisoned dear being in its claws. These feel of close its fury. However, it is possible that many people do not have a clear vision in what says respect to the drugs, or, for the unfamiliarity of the subject, they do not obtain to perceive when this enters in its house or still they keep a distorted vision of the subject, interpreting as a question of moral values ' ' force of vontade' ' ' ' shame in cara' '. It is fact that the legal questions and the contraband of drugs must be lead by the governmental bodies, but we can make our part in looking for to know the subject better, to help to divulge its males next to our family, groups that be part and our community. One of the 0 variable in the process of contact and initiation of the use of the drugs it is the learned behavior, therefore, we must inside initiate the process of our house, in our family, with our friends. I do not intend here to create one ' ' chain of bem' ' , but I believe that if the people who read this article and share with me this idea could at least speaking regarding the problems and of the consequncias of the drugs with a familiar one, with a friend, a fellow worker or etc., schoolmate we would be contributing for the construction of a better life, without drugs. To think preventive attitudes about the gift will be able exempting in them to attenuate critical situations in the future. It is said by the popular wisdom: It is better to prevent of what attenuating.

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