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Breath intangible means an entity endowed with reason. Spirit is otherwise understood in very different ways, but still provided to indicate that which transcends the purely vital or organic. Among the scholastics, the term spirit is used to designate the immaterial substance. German idealism in the concept of spirit (Geist) reached its great development in the theory of Hegel, for whom the spirit is a living reality and abstract aspect which is the idea. It is a partial truth that needs to be completed to become the whole truth. Because absorbed the error, so that in some ways the philosophy is the philosophy of mind. "The spirit is the physical energy that animates the material things as intangible ones.

The intelligence of the spirit lies in the apprehension of pure essences that are in the objects and beings. Allowing the soul come to the knowledge of consciousness. The latter occupies the empty spaces of the mind with all sorts of abstract thoughts and above, which acquire high forces of thought. When you are in sensible experience, which is the foundation of the aesthetic complex. " today we can see in the documentaries of animal intelligence, the theory of Anaxagoras that mind about ordering things, is not a theory. Because if the intelligence ordering things, they take part in this organizing force that is intelligence. we can not deny is that any human system is exposed to errors. If we are fully aware of this truth. Be elevated away from dogmatic.

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