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Posted by marmara on September 11, 2019

You know how many people in the U.S. earn their livelihood with the help of eBay? According to a new survey in July 2005 by ACNielsen, a leading research, a staggering 724,000 Americans respond that rely on eBay for their main or supplemental income. Apart from these professional sellers, another 1.5 million people confirmed that generate additional revenue by selling products on eBay. Last year alone, around 150 million registered users have sold over U.S. 34 billion U.S. dollars worth of goods on eBay.

Is not it amazing? Why entrepreneurs are flocking into eBay? Some reasons are fairly obvious. Starting a business on eBay is easy and quick? Not require large investments? Anyone can start a business on eBay, does not require special skills? You can sell practically anything on eBay? With your eBay business can have flexible working time? You have an already established market of over 150 million people and counting? eBay gets 1.5 billion page views each month. You get access to this massive traffic almost paying nothing. Therefore, it is not surprising that someone with less tendency to jump your own business in this great opportunity. However, there are two major problems that many of the applicants to find eBay sellers. The first is to sell and the next is where to find it. What to sell? According to Forrester Research, a leading research company, this year, product categories purchased by women will have the greatest growth in online retailing. Some categories are already receiving more than ten percent of its total sales over the Internet, including: hardware and software, tickets, travel, books, electronics, cosmetics and fragrances, toys and video games, and flowers, cards and gifts.

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Posted by marmara on May 31, 2017

Breath intangible means an entity endowed with reason. Spirit is otherwise understood in very different ways, but still provided to indicate that which transcends the purely vital or organic. Among the scholastics, the term spirit is used to designate the immaterial substance. German idealism in the concept of spirit (Geist) reached its great development in the theory of Hegel, for whom the spirit is a living reality and abstract aspect which is the idea. It is a partial truth that needs to be completed to become the whole truth. Because absorbed the error, so that in some ways the philosophy is the philosophy of mind. "The spirit is the physical energy that animates the material things as intangible ones.

The intelligence of the spirit lies in the apprehension of pure essences that are in the objects and beings. Allowing the soul come to the knowledge of consciousness. The latter occupies the empty spaces of the mind with all sorts of abstract thoughts and above, which acquire high forces of thought. When you are in sensible experience, which is the foundation of the aesthetic complex. " today we can see in the documentaries of animal intelligence, the theory of Anaxagoras that mind about ordering things, is not a theory. Because if the intelligence ordering things, they take part in this organizing force that is intelligence. we can not deny is that any human system is exposed to errors. If we are fully aware of this truth. Be elevated away from dogmatic.

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Learning about Nonprofits

Posted by marmara on June 24, 2011

The Foundation is based in Cali and is inspired by the life of Gabriel Piedrahita Uribe, who died tragically in 1995 at the age of 22 in a plane crash. Gabriel was endowed with a prodigious curiosity, an insatiable appetite for life and a tireless passion for helping others, was convinced of the unique potential of every human being and the immense power that individuals and groups committed to change the world. Gabriel saw education as the key tool for a more just and dissemination of knowledge and shared experiences and realities of all human beings the way to peace and tolerance. Death surprised him when he was only 6 months of graduating from Harvard University and immediately realize his dream for some time devoted to basic education in a school poor. The Foundation is a tribute to her brief and intense journey through life and a testament of love from their parents, siblings, relatives and friends and all who feel privileged to have shared her laughter, her intelligence and goodness.

About To Give Give to Colombia Colombia (G2C) is a nonprofit foundation, based on the United States with 501c3 status. to work as an efficient, transparent and professional to channel and monitor international donations, identifying and designing projects that meet the interests and values of the donor, and covering the priority needs of Colombia. a G2C working with donors of different segments joining their efforts and Social Responsibility initiatives, achieving focus resources and talents, acting as a multifaceted and comprehensive response to address the major socio-economic problems facing Colombia today. Give to Colombia focuses on three strategic pillars: education, economic development and entrepreneurship. Our value added is work hand in hand with corporate donors, institutions and individuals since the start of the presentation of the project until the pipeline and the subsequent monitoring and supervision of the use of funds by the executing agency in Colombia.

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Try Donating Through EBay Selling

Posted by marmara on June 10, 2011

New items donated by members? Many times, members donate goods instead of money. EBay makes it easy for you to sell these items. Not only is it likely to get a better price in a market that has millions of buyers, but this will increase the visibility of your organization and potentially attract new members. Sell gift certificates local and national – I’ve done this with the pre-auction. Besides selling stuff members, we collected gift certificates locally and nationally. Most companies are very large and are happy to give you a certificate.

If the company that donated the certificate had a website, put a link to it from the eBay listing. The great thing about gift certificates list on eBay is that you do not have to take a picture and description is easy. However, it should announce the gift certificate: In addition to sending emails to all our members with instructions to forward the email to family and friends, I placed a free ad in the local Santa Cruz, newsgroups market advertising of the auction and gift certificates. You can find newsgroups that are specific to your area. Selling a calendar or cookbook, etc – eBay cold has a section especially for charities. Go to eBay and check it out by searching for auctions Charity. I’ve seen some organizations sell their calendar, cookbook, or whatever on eBay. If you have a supply of these elements can have an auction sale of the course the topic (which would have to return to the list every 7 days).

This has great potential for a nonprofit organization that helps more universal causes such as homelessness, Cancer / AIDS, environment and so on. Register with eBay as a non-profit organization listed in a special section. Some people browse these lists and often to buy some of the organization only for the support. EBay also supplies non-profit organization with its own web page describing the organization with links to their homepage. To encourage members and friends who sell on eBay to sign to work on new eBay Giving Works – eBay Giving Works program, helps sellers to easily donate a portion of its sale to your favorite nonprofit. The seller chooses a nonprofit from a list (or you can add a new) and is committed to a certain percentage of the sale to nonprofit. The promised rate is taken automatically by eBay after the auction. It could not be easier. Frustrated with the usual school fundraisers Suzanne Wouk organized use of the Internet in search of a better way. To his surprise and delight, he found many new and exciting ways to raise funds that started the site to share information and ideas with others.

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