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Posted by marmara on June 21, 2011

Brazil probably already beginning to prepare to seize the historic opportunity that presents itself to complete its process of economic development. According to some studies conducted this year by the University of California at Berkeley and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, host the Olympic Games enhances a country's international trade in later years. Under equal conditions, to host the games trade power up to 30%, and Brazil has a lot to sell to the world. In Brazil (and now in Rio de Janeiro time), they must make significant investments in response to the revolution that will bring these international events. Hotels, restaurants, airport infrastructure, investments in tourism, to name just a few of the sectors that will benefit directly, they must prepare for these historic events. And though still preliminary determined, the conduct of the Games will involve investments of U.S.

$ 16. 000 million, according to realize the Fohl of Sao Paulo. The good news is that the investments for the World Cup that will take advantage of new infrastructure. implement more for Brazil! According to a study commissioned by the Government by the nonprofit group Fundacao Institute Administracao, Rio Olympics injected U.S. $ 24. 500 million in the Brazilian economy from now until 2027, both by increased production and income per family in tax revenue and employment. Many of the investments to be made for games (and by the World Cup), they would have done anyway but under other terms. Bear in mind that the Brazilian economy is an economy growing and to continue in this way, the infrastructure must adapt to the increasing size of the economy.

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