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Posted by marmara on September 18, 2018

Thomas Skidmore searchs to work the enslaved black in Brazil at the moment of transistion of the escravismo for the free work. At this Skidmore moment the formation of the Brazilian structure considers as great concern, that is constructed by the elite in the years of 1870 the 1930. The author searched the Brazilian intellectual production of the period, you influence to identify them of the French culture and the jesutica tradition. In the workmanship ' ' Black color in the Branco' ' we can notice a work directed toward the racial relations in Brazil, abstracting the aboriginal influence and centering themselves in the euro-African. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Leaving of this estimated that the Brazilian racial ideology was elaborated by a elitizada intellectuality, Skidmore searchs to make a deeper inquiry of the period that understands enters the years of 1870 the 1930, searching answers for the problems regarding the racial theory as a social phenomenon that influenced and will influence the future of the Brazilian nation. Thus we can perceive that diverse analyses regarding such subject had been carried through searching to justify racial theory of Brazil. Valley to remember that Thomas Skidmore works the three main theoretical schools of the racist thought; detaching as first to the etnolgico-biological school that systemize its philosophical formation, second it was to the historical school that represented the most diverse differences between the races, placing the white as the superior and the third school if it pautava in the social darwinismo that defended a evolutivo process that defined the start with an only species. Therefore diverse works had been carried through that it searched to inside explain the racial theory and the transformations of the Brazilian society from the mestization and of the relations between whites and blacks, an academic production whom if Milk detaches with Nelson Werneck Sodr and Dante Moreira, but Skidmore make clear an intense work leaving its critical position, taking an argument spirit and searching a definition more ' ' autntica' ' of the Brazilian nationality..

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