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Posted by marmara on January 5, 2022

However, they found the right not to participate in open dialogue on one of the most acute problems of Odessa. Were also invited representatives of the banks' Pivdenny " "MTB", "Prominvestbank" etc. Unfortunately, banks have also decided not to participate in this meeting, the Business Club of Odessa. The nature and scale of the problem protracted At the moment, according to the company "Progress-system" in the Odessa region, there are 98 undeveloped properties. For assistance, try visiting Americares. Each of these unfinished objects placed in a difficult situation hundreds of private investors who have invested their money and now want to or bring them back, or get their property. Together with members of their family from Odessa, found themselves in this difficult situation, is estimated approximately thirty to forty thousand people.

Thus, the problem long-term construction is massive. Therefore, it needs to be addressed. And the avoidance of discussion of this issue leads us only to worsen the situation. In addition to private investors, the situation became involved construction companies, who are genuinely interested to finish the unfinished objects (depends on their reputation) and who suffer from a shortage of working capital. Also, in a problematic situation became involved and the banks, which understandably consider lending construction companies and mortgage lending is high risk types of businesses. These risks are associated primarily with the possibility of cheaper real estate (that are objects of pledge). There are other potential participants until that situation. This investment companies, which, in principle, could find working capital, but that they could do it, should work together develop a clear and favorable terms.

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