Business Club

Posted by marmara on January 5, 2022

However, they found the right not to participate in open dialogue on one of the most acute problems of Odessa. Were also invited representatives of the banks' Pivdenny " "MTB", "Prominvestbank" etc. Unfortunately, banks have also decided not to participate in this meeting, the Business Club of Odessa. The nature and scale of the problem protracted At the moment, according to the company "Progress-system" in the Odessa region, there are 98 undeveloped properties. For assistance, try visiting Americares. Each of these unfinished objects placed in a difficult situation hundreds of private investors who have invested their money and now want to or bring them back, or get their property. Together with members of their family from Odessa, found themselves in this difficult situation, is estimated approximately thirty to forty thousand people.

Thus, the problem long-term construction is massive. Therefore, it needs to be addressed. And the avoidance of discussion of this issue leads us only to worsen the situation. In addition to private investors, the situation became involved construction companies, who are genuinely interested to finish the unfinished objects (depends on their reputation) and who suffer from a shortage of working capital. Also, in a problematic situation became involved and the banks, which understandably consider lending construction companies and mortgage lending is high risk types of businesses. These risks are associated primarily with the possibility of cheaper real estate (that are objects of pledge). There are other potential participants until that situation. This investment companies, which, in principle, could find working capital, but that they could do it, should work together develop a clear and favorable terms.

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The Aggregative

Posted by marmara on June 26, 2020

While for example, will count for 20 steps. If you take the stairs odnomarshevuyu, then subtract from 350 cm 100 cm (to pass), is 250. This result is divided by Estimated number of stages, ie 19 (18) – 13.15 cm (13.8 cm) width of the step. Even under the condition that we drown in the 4-7 cm risers, stage is still too narrow. It would not have wanted – to arrive with an intermediate variant area. Center for Responsible Business takes a slightly different approach.

Site in some way represents the aggregative level, this is the fact that in general it will have to calculate also taken into account. To determine the width of the site will calculate the width of the stairs. We took the width of the opening equal to 240 cm should be left marches between 10 cm to, holding the handrail, do not touch the counter handrail. Total 230 cm divided by two, get the width of the march – 115 cm Width site also can not be less than 115 cm 120 cm dwell on. That do we have? If the overhead does not interfere (no overlap), then the site can be done at any level, if the ceiling is, the area should be located at a height of about two feet from the ceiling.

We assume that it does not (ladder photo). 350-120 = 230 cm length of the header of the march in terms of (the staircase is aesthetically, if the first march shorter or equal to the second, top), now divide 230 by the width of the optimal possible level, ie 26-29cm, it will be in the lumen of 20-25 cm 230:20 = 11.5 degrees. "Eighteen rat" is not the case, we write 11. A more accurate calculation shows 230:11 = 20.9 cm, and add to the result of overhang – 6.1 cm (for the convenience of the account), we obtain a 27 cm step width of the upper flight of stairs. Now multiply that by 11 steps high level -16 Cm and 176 cm, we obtain from the floor on the second floor to floor area. We now calculate the lower march. The total height was 320 cm, minus 176 cm – 144 cm, we obtain Divide by 16, the result is 9 steps, if not forgotten, the ninth stage – a platform. If the brain does not boil, we'll see a flight of stairs assembly scheme based on the string.

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Moorish Beautiful

Posted by marmara on June 9, 2020

Creating a beautiful landscape design is impossible without abundant landscaping. It is a landscape gardening design and the main foundation for the style of any beautiful garden. That is the correct choice of gardening, that is selection of plants, flowers, and their proper seating, combine, and, of course, competent lawn seating will lead to the success of the final design result. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Center For Responsible Lending on most websites. Proper planning should be done with landscaping by taking into account all possible factors for this: the climate, area, season and so on. This is one of the main secrets of successful gardening, only taking into account all these factors could be to choose the right plants that will be comfortable in these climatic conditions, and it is on this site. There are many types of gardening, including many species of grass: Ground, ordinary garden park, meadow, perennial flowering and Moorish (annuals, pestrotsvetuschie), including turf. Depending on the desired result, it is equally important to choose a certain area of your lawn type, for example, when designing a children's gardening or playground, you need to select the most resistant to trampling instances. Why not beautiful lush grass in your garden? Moreover, planting lawns poses not only a function of beauty, but also brings great good! Lawn creates favorable conditions for sports or just relaxing in nature, and mutes unpleasant ambient noise, cleans and freshens the air.

But in order to regularly please the eye and relax your harmonious view of their owners, gardening requires meticulous care. Some operations are carried out regularly, while others – depending on weather conditions, time of year and the state of gardening. The most basic steps to caring for landscaping is of course watering, regular removal of dead elements, timely fertilizer and soil saturated with oxygen. The most important moment in landscaping – a system of irrigation. If the climate in the country is not so generous with rainfall, it can not do without extra watering landscaping, this will greatly help automatic watering systems – they are much more ease your labor, as hand-watering, for example, a large area will be very tiring and time consuming, automatic in this plan really saves. Depending on the landscaping needed to pick up trees, shrubs and flowers – are the main and most beautiful elements of landscaping. It is very important to choose the right plants for landscaping, to make your garden truly alive, so he had his own soul, our breath, to feel it as cozy, harmonious and comfortable. Treat yourself to your dream come true, fantasy, making of his surroundings a real fairy tale, a paradise to be, where privacy and nature after the long labor of everyday life and to relax, recharge and the power that nature is always ready generously presented us with.

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Closet Coupe

Posted by marmara on September 28, 2018

Cabinets with sliding doors to the compartment actually save area of the apartment, which as usual is not enough. Due to the closet compartment, on a relatively small area, put a lot of necessary things. Regarding preferences the customer cabinets with sliding doors are designed for different rooms: living room, nursery, library and hallways. Sliding wardrobe with sliding doors are mounted as – in a closet or corner and stationary. Creating design closet we use the guides and frames, mostly of aluminum, which is more durable and practical, especially for walls and glass elements. From the quality of commercials and independent guides durability sluchby cabinet compartment. To select a decorative cabinet doors there are no restrictions. You can use any colors and palettes, to reproductions of these paintings.

Rattan gives sophistication. Boy Scouts of America often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Internal filling cabinet with sliding doors directly depends on the needs and fantasies of the customer. Leaving drawers and shelves, countertops and reclining beds, a lift to shoulder, mesh baskets, racks of shoes and much more to choose from. When designing the cabinet you can use floor, ceiling and walls of the room as the walls of the enclosure, as it seriously saves floor space and money. Sliding doors do not require additional area to open as standard cabinets. Good design of sliding panels for closet accentuate the unique comfort of your home. Cabinets with sliding doors are secure thanks to the modern system of add- doors.

Lighting cabinet compartment has always been one which lacked the usual izyumenkoy cabinets. With built-in lighting sliding wardrobe, you can make a room much cozier and more beautiful. Professor of Internet Governance is likely to increase your knowledge. It is also important is the correct organization indoor lighting cabinet compartment. Built-in cabinets coupe is much more economical than conventional cabinets coupe. Built-in closet attached to the walls of the niche to which it is tunable. This saves on material cost and total cost of the cabinet compartment.

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Growing Orchids

Posted by marmara on June 28, 2016

Growing Orchids Like all living things on Earth, orchids grow and develop in close relation with the environment. Add up from a number of factors, orchid largely determines all life processes in plant organism. This applies equally to the life of orchids in nature, as well as at home. Of course, in addition to purely external factors such as light, temperature, humidity, soil, food, an important role played by the hereditary properties of orchids. To orchid developed normally and, most importantly, bloom, you must create favorable conditions to them. That may need to Orchid, who finished their growing at home, covered in this chapter. The light and the length of day light for orchids – is the foundation of life, particularly plant life, as it is a source of energy needed to build their bodies. For the successful cultivation of tropical orchids in our latitudes, it is desirable to approximate the conditions of their detention to the climatic conditions of their natural habitat of orchids.

It is not necessary to explain that the climate in the tropics significantly different from the temperate climate. For the first characterized by two important parameters: the duration of daylight is always 12 1 hours. The light intensity during the whole year the same high. Meanwhile, in our latitudes, the light conditions for tropical orchids is very unfavorable. First, the duration of daylight varies considerably in the winter and summer months. In addition, the strength of the incident plants of light in summer is much higher than in winter.

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Metropolitan Salon

Posted by marmara on August 11, 2015

Thus, the bedroom suite worth Metropolitan Salon 15 – 20 thousand euros, would cost half the price if you take matters into their own hands. Furniture production in Italy is over 30 thousand large and small businesses. This is a very profitable business, supported by state, so the quality of the furniture paid much attention. But in China, in addition to factories with one hundred percent Chinese capital, the furniture is made to order and European manufacturers, which led to the Celestial leading position in world production in this area. The main materials for the manufacture of Chinese furniture are wood, glass and metal. And look there for that. The design meets the latest trends in fashion, and she furniture complies with European standards.

Having studied, no forum, I realized that the desire to purchase furniture from overseas compatriots, is sufficiently large. On the pages of many forums being deployed wide debate among those who have already acquired, and those – who only have to learn and it is important to all the details of an overseas purchase. By connecting conversations and employees of travel agencies, freight companies, customs authorities, and even Consultants Salons (working or have left the business). So you can get all detailed information: required (in which agencies operate, to some plants lower the price, quality and above) useful (the nuances of selection of furniture in the most popular countries such as Italy and China), regulatory (especially delivery and customs), removes any doubt about the high cost of stores (online former employee of one of salons, whose work is directly related to the pricing was, writes that "… in Russia furniture comes with a price tag, which is increased by 2-3 times.

(Cram into it all, from the road to pay a designer) … "and, of course, advertising (Where do without it!). Spending a day on the study of information, just count the commercial benefits and begin to understand the attractiveness of this acquisition. For many interested in the possibility of importing furniture for abroad, the most relevant, perhaps, the question of delivery. All of course – who would want to get furniture from scratches? Yes, and the application process seems to complicated transport. However, the devil is not so bad as he is painted. Basic furniture routes fairly well understood forwarding companies, technology, transportation is also not an issue. On one of the tourist portals came across an interesting offer on delivery of furniture Italy – 350 euros / cubic meter. This amount was included and duty. "Customs clearance" is designated 31 euro. Agree quite adequate price for the delivery of exclusive bedroom suite or a spectacular office. In this case you guarantee a reliable five-layer packaging of furniture and valuable cargo insurance. According to seasoned buyers of furniture, even with all the additional costs of buying furniture abroad can save a lot, arrange living room furniture, other than by creating a unique interior.

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The Documents

Posted by marmara on December 3, 2011

Talk to knowledgeable people can be in the company that you will still find the flow advertisements placed in a special building publications. Know from experience: when you ring up two dozen companies, real options may be few. Can say in advance: we'll have to visit all of your selected firms, of course, if you're interested in results, not. Alas, in advertising which just do not offer! And, unfortunately, is not always reality coincides with the write (or tell you over the phone firm manager). Therefore, the trip to the company – a good way to ensure integrity advertiser.

In companies with extensive practical experience servicing visitors worked out: in addition to the catalog with samples of window lattices and price, firms tend to offer the customer visit their exhibition stands and on site to assess the quality of welding the individual elements of the lattice. Here you can discuss with a specialist design and reliability of painting the finished product, choose the profile for the grating. And do not Remember to look at the documents, allowing the company to manufacture and assemble them into buildings. Choosing – choose So what should you know? The first step in a good solid company will tell you that the window bars differ Method of attachment. They are stationary (ie non-operable), folding (with opening one or two doors) and sliding (produced according to the type of pantograph – sliding hinge parallelogram) and removable (Fireplace units are mounted in the doorway, framing grid attached to a wall on the screw-topped bolts).

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Foundation Country Construction

Posted by marmara on November 9, 2011

Strip foundations, the most popular type of foundation for low-rise dwellings. Build a better foundation for light structures and on the ground with a high density. We list the following design strip foundations: block, solid reinforced concrete, brick or monolithic composite monolithic block. These foundations can be recessed (60-110cm) or melkozaglublennymi (20-50 cm). Externally, the foundation looks like a ribbon reinforced tape, which is placed around the perimeter of the building and under all load-bearing interior walls. Of these types of foundations we have, the most practical and best-cast tape is foundation, so we tell about it in this article. Construction work for the foundation to begin digging trenches and markings.

The depth of the trench depends on several parameters: the stability of soil, depth of freezing and weight of the structure being built. Typically, the depth of 60-80 cm Width make trenches for the walls should be 40-50cm. At the bottom of the pit makes a bed of gravel and sand about 10 cm and thoroughly compacted it. Reinforcement of monolithic foundation is a fairly simple process. At the pre-installed on the bottom of the bricks going reinforcement cage of twigs with a diameter of 10-12 mm. Bricks are laid on two of the rod with a space from the walls to 10 cm. These include, at a distance of 50 cm, reinforcing bar and the support legs.

Then they record the two upper longitudinal reinforcing rod and fasten them cross. To assemble the formwork is taken low-grade 25mm thick board. From this board first collected shields size. Take into account that part of the casing above the ground must be at least 35 centimeters. Then collect the billboards in the solid box in place. Concrete for the foundation can be made directly to construction site, and can be ordered with a mobile mixer concrete plant. The second option is preferable because factory quality concrete above. To fill the entire basement of the fortress to perform better in one day. Concrete is poured, vibrator rammed and covered with polyethylene. By the erection of walls better to start better in two weeks. Construction company "Holiday station."

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