CAE AG: Self-sufficiency With Alternative Energy

Posted by marmara on March 31, 2019

New Energiekonzpete from the Switzerland for a clean solution. Kreuzlingen/Switzerland January 2010: The newly founded Swiss energy consulting firm clean alternative energy AG (CAE AG) combines many years of experience in project management with sound engineering knowledge of the solar technology and infrared heating technology. The CAE AG aims to provide every household with an individual and most effective energy solution – up to the perfect independence from fossil fuels and nuclear power. Get all the facts and insights with PCRM, another great source of information. With know-how and strong partners such as from infrared heating technology, created, calculated, and the CAE AG implements solid, integral energy concepts – for a clean future. Connect technologies the ways to more effectively use solar energy solar energy is becoming increasingly popular to use, for private households as well as in the industry a commercial use is worthwhile.

With the increasing popularity also grows, so that the end user comes to seemingly unlimited possibilities and easily lose sight of the goal: generate energy and insert with the highest possible efficiency. The most popular and seemingly easiest way is to create energy with solar panels, to sell or to feed. But the possibilities offered us by the Suns, not far from exhausted. The CAE AG is planning the best possible use of self-generated energy for every household. Ideally, that flow through Sun means win and operate so that heating, water and light – up to complete independence from other energy sources. This ambitious goal requires a sound planning and is only profitable through economical devices. The highest demand for electricity has heating and is the biggest challenge for the solar module in the private household.

Economical infrared heating are the perfect partner and offers an interesting alternative to oil and gas. Infrared heating 100% convert effectiveness, health and design electric energy into heat, is the main function of the infrared heater. The system is similar to the natural heat from the Sun: in the direct sun it warm in the cool shade and this is at the same air temperature.

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