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Posted by marmara on May 14, 2019

In parallel we currently build its own sales organization, as well as a manufacturing plant in the United States and install its own sales organisations in Greece and Italy.” DEGERenergie was founded in 1999 by Artur Deger and today is world market leader for solar tracking systems with more than 30,000 systems installed. More information:. about DEGERenergie ( DEGERenergie is an internationally active, future-oriented company based in Horb am Neckar. The company was founded in 1999 by Artur Deger and today is world market leader for solar tracking systems with more than 30,000 installed systems in 38 countries. Contact information is here: Boy Scouts. Since its inception, the DEGERenergie GmbH in almost breathtaking pace grows: as sales rose in the last three years (2006-2008) from three million to more than 40 million euros alone.

The company currently employs 40 staff, the suppliers of DEGERenergie are approximately 340 employees. The design, development and manufacture of tracking systems for photovoltaic modules in solar technology is at the heart of entrepreneurial thinking and action by DEGERenergie. Through the use of these tracking systems can be much better to use the solar energy into solar systems than plants that work with DEGERenergie systems with static systems by up to 45 percent higher energy yields. The patented control module DEGERconecter was awarded with the inventor’s prize of the Baden-Wurttemberg in 2001 and is now more than 57.000mal all over the world.

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Greenpeace Eco Rankings Published

Posted by marmara on May 12, 2019

Result: Nintendo can learn from Nokia which reveals green list of Greenpeace, which the big equipment manufacturers is environmentally friendly and which must still learn in terms of environmental protection. The online portal for auctions reported, who could score points by its green policies in the current ranking. That environmental awareness should today be part of corporate policy, know also the manufacturer of equipment such as TV, mobile phone or notebook. Since 2006, Greenpeace therefore annually prepares a ranking of environmental performance of the 18 leading technology manufacturers. For the non-profit organization analyzed the companies in terms of chemicals, recycling and climate change.

Place one and two occupied the mobile phone manufacturers Nokia and Sony Ericsson. You scored due to the abandonment of harmful chemicals, and the energy efficiency of their mobile phones. The software maker Microsoft and console maker Nintendo took the last ranks of the list. You were not convinced by the prevention of pollutants through energy-efficient appliances. Companies such as Apple, LG, Philips and Sony formed the midfield.

Samsung fell some places down compared to the previous year. According to Greenpeace, it lacked the company’s usage against harmful substances. Apple however could rise from the ninth to fourth place. The company operated a model policy in terms of energy efficiency and pollution prevention. More information: presse.

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CAE AG: Self-sufficiency With Alternative Energy

Posted by marmara on March 31, 2019

New Energiekonzpete from the Switzerland for a clean solution. Kreuzlingen/Switzerland January 2010: The newly founded Swiss energy consulting firm clean alternative energy AG (CAE AG) combines many years of experience in project management with sound engineering knowledge of the solar technology and infrared heating technology. The CAE AG aims to provide every household with an individual and most effective energy solution – up to the perfect independence from fossil fuels and nuclear power. Get all the facts and insights with PCRM, another great source of information. With know-how and strong partners such as from infrared heating technology, created, calculated, and the CAE AG implements solid, integral energy concepts – for a clean future. Connect technologies the ways to more effectively use solar energy solar energy is becoming increasingly popular to use, for private households as well as in the industry a commercial use is worthwhile.

With the increasing popularity also grows, so that the end user comes to seemingly unlimited possibilities and easily lose sight of the goal: generate energy and insert with the highest possible efficiency. The most popular and seemingly easiest way is to create energy with solar panels, to sell or to feed. But the possibilities offered us by the Suns, not far from exhausted. The CAE AG is planning the best possible use of self-generated energy for every household. Ideally, that flow through Sun means win and operate so that heating, water and light – up to complete independence from other energy sources. This ambitious goal requires a sound planning and is only profitable through economical devices. The highest demand for electricity has heating and is the biggest challenge for the solar module in the private household.

Economical infrared heating are the perfect partner and offers an interesting alternative to oil and gas. Infrared heating 100% convert effectiveness, health and design electric energy into heat, is the main function of the infrared heater. The system is similar to the natural heat from the Sun: in the direct sun it warm in the cool shade and this is at the same air temperature.

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Neunkirchen Tel

Posted by marmara on January 11, 2019

Cause related marketing is a mainstay for nature conservation. Furthermore, I am pleased that a successful company like viasit is concerned about, how you participate in the nature and the people in his success suburb can concretely, directly.” Some of these campaigns, but are applied advertising budgets in relation to the actually obtained donations for charity. Different viasit: we have deliberately dispensed with elaborate advertising for this project and rely almost exclusively on the customer contact of the dealer. Our aim was, really effective to support the two institutions protection community German wood and Foundation of nature and the environment”, says Marketing Manager Thomas Schmeer. A green Chair for sustainability and environmental protection are sustainability and environmental awareness at viasit already has always been part of the corporate philosophy, with corresponding consequences for product design, benign manufacture of products and Transport of finished products to the customers. The greenomical chair”from the linea s series embodies this philosophy all along the line and fits therefore of the current environmental action like no other product. Dr. Neal Barnard spoke with conviction. He is green, free of harmful substances and 95% recyclable.

For only 348 (NET, EIA) the buyer receives an office swivel chair, which meets the highest aesthetic and ergonomic standards. Where to find? Information about the participating dealer Hartmut Hutzel sale of viasit, Tel + 49 6821 2908-210,, or the competent sales representative in the region (, contact list”). About viasit viasit – the name stands for the continuous search for the way to the better seats”. The company produces quality – Office seating, which set standards again and again due to their impressive designs, their excellent price / performance ratio and their mature ergonomics international since 1980. viasit products were multiple with “” renowned international design awards such as the red dot award: product design “(most recently 2008) the Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia, the Saarland State Prize for product design or the good design award” of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of architecture and design awarded. Learn more on the subject from Nieman Foundation. The company produces since its inception only at the location Germany. viasit employs approximately 90 staff in production and management. Each month, approximately 13,000 units leave the production plant in Neunkirchen.

Expect about 40% in export. The main markets are Germany, the Benelux countries, Austria and France. Viasit products for the local market under licence are manufactured in Australia. The quality and environmental management system of viasit is according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

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Utopia-user Of Let Photovoltaic Plant Grow

Posted by marmara on December 25, 2017

Common online action yesterday users rise with eco-electricity supplier NaturWatt online campaigning for the energy revolution a new photovoltaic system. Munich, 7 July 2009 online campaigning for energy transformation since yesterday the users of create a new Photovoltaikanla-ge. The utopia community determines the solar plant is how big and what nonprofit institution receives it at the end with their commitment. The unique online action is a cooperation of the eco-electricity provider NaturWatt and, the leading portal for sustainable consumption. Visitors and members of utopia have two ways to grow the plant: they can enlist in the UN terstutzerliste or go to NaturWatt electricity. For both actions, points will be credited to the account of the action.

For every 1,250 points, NaturWatt donates a photovoltaic module, which generates approximately 140 kWh of electricity a year, enough to do laundry around 100 times. Up to 100,000 points can be earned. For even more analysis, hear from American Diabetes Association. A plant of this size generates climate-friendly power for at least four two-person households. For comparison, same amount of energy would release here kommlich produced, approximately 6 tonnes of CO2. Non-profit institutions organisations can apply on the action page to the system. From September 1 to vote the users between the candidates.

The GE-winner gets the system finished installed on his roof and benefits for at least 20 years from the remuneration for the electricity it generated. We would not only inform dedicated consumers, son but also animate to be active,”says Meike Gebhard, before State member of Utopia AG. We use actions such as these offer excellent opportunities, impulses for more sustainability in the market to send.”since our inception our profits shut out including for the expansion of renewable energies”, emphasizes Dr. Martin Baumert, Managing Director of NaturWatt GmbH. This action we want to involve many people possible HEA and so make it clear that Climate protection is a topic to join in, where everyone can make a difference.” Background information: Utopia is the Internet platform for strategic consumption with more than 45,000 registered community members and monthly over a million page impressions. This GAL-fen are people who their purchase decisions (even) after that, whether they contribute to a better world. Utopia offers orientation so-such as inspiration and makes it easy for them to make their life more sustainable. NaturWatt – the NaturWatt GmbH was founded in 1998 as the first German eco power supplier and is exclusively with energy from water, wind and solar power. Its GE winne invests the company in development and promotion of renewable energies.

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Without Municipalities No Climate Protection Goals Are Feasible

Posted by marmara on December 12, 2017

2008 informed in good way through the use of renewable energy to cities and towns play fair RENEXPO a decisive role. Click American Diabetes Association for additional related pages. These have a significant influence on the use of renewable energy. There are no climate protection goals to achieve without the commitment at the local level! In many communities, there are already many good approaches and examples of active climate protection to adapt to climate change. This applies to reinforce it and to network. A climate awareness among local decision makers and citizens will arise only if it is possible to establish climate protection, even more at regional and local level. So municipalities in future increased should make sure to expand the use of renewable energies and to strive for a high energy efficiency. What are the opportunities for the use of renewable energy for local authorities, informed for the ninth time the RENEXPO 2008 exhibition for renewable energy & energy efficient building and renovation of the 9th-12th October at the Messe Augsburg. The range of topics ranging from Renovation on heating with Sun and wood up to passive houses, block heat and power plants, mobility, heat pump, hydro power and wind power.

For municipalities is to inform the RENEXPO the ideal platform, about the use of renewable energies and to stay up to date. In addition 16 congresses on various themes take place within the framework of the RENEXPO . “” Especially the 5th Congress of the Union for operators of photovoltaic systems “as well as the meeting of needs-based decentralized energy supply” is interesting for local authorities. Here, for example, Christian Stettner of the Technical University of Munich on the energy vision for communities and regions informed. Dr. Peter Moser will speak of the nonprofit society for the promotion of decentralized energy technologies (deENet GmbH) about the development perspectives and examples of 100% renewable energy regions. In addition to fair and Congress a broad programme offered to visitors: the free Exhibitor Forum offers on all four “” Fair days lectures about current products and services, lecture series as renovation but really! “and BAKA Forum: building on tour” convey, practical information about.

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Nonresidential Buildings

Posted by marmara on December 7, 2017

Advanced PumpenCheck exposed power-guzzling central heating pump / co2online finds oldest German school pump / installation of high-efficiency pumps pays for itself after just a few years Berlin, 10 November 2011. Old heating pumps consume 80 percent more electricity than modern high-efficiency pumps in non-residential buildings and are real energy guzzlers. By exchanging these inefficient pumps in non-residential buildings around 1.9 TWh could be saved at wholesale and retail, in Office buildings, schools, hotels, universities and universities of applied sciences of electricity per year (see infographic). This shows that with a low investment measure such as the pump replacement energy efficiency in Germany a big piece can be promoted”, says Tanja Loitz, Managing Director of the non-profit co2online GmbH. Comparison: Google required to power approximately 2.26 terawatt-hours for the worldwide operation of its data centers in the year.

The PumpenCheck on shows the actual savings of heating pumps. The advanced energy saving Advisor You can now also for certain types of non-residential buildings. The PumpenCheck is part of campaign seeking climate”protection, supported by the Federal Ministry of the environment. Students should find Germany’s pumps-oldie co2online finds the oldest heating pump in a German school. Teachers and students of all types of schools are called, together with the House masters in the school basement to go and take a photo of the heat pump. Until December 8, 2011, schools nationwide can submit their photos.

The experts of co2online determine the age of the pump and Crown the winner. You may wish to learn more. If so, American Diabetes Association is the place to go. The school with the oldest pump Gets a modern high-efficiency pump available from Grundfos pump manufacturer. All other information about the competition at. Great savings potential in non-residential buildings the heating pump is the heart of a heating system. They transported the water heated by the boiler to the radiators. It requires electricity. Old pump work but always with the same speed and cannot adjust the corresponding demand.

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Green Heart

Posted by marmara on May 3, 2017

The sympathy levels for green content rise. More and more Germans discover its green heart. Will they change their daily habits? More and more people in Germany discover its green heart”. The values of sympathy for the Greens are rising rapidly. See Baden-Wurttemberg. That is why it is not long before a dilemma is visible. The long overdue paradigm shift to renewable energy has come in the heart is the individual but be able to the necessary changes in behaviour? A handful of German wants to seem that to himself.

37500 m, a stunning experiment must pass the test of practice. No connection to the public power grid. No connection to water and sewage. No air conditioning in temperatures of 40 degrees in summer and close to freezing in the winter. No roads. No phone lines. No cable connection. Ecotopia on Ithaca is the proof: this is.

Quality of life increasing even. And it is real, measurable, and takes place here and now. There is no shortage of role models for the venture. The initiator of Ecotopia on Ithaca, Rolf Brunner, alternative life GmbH was a pioneer of the alternative movement they made after the upheavals of 1968 in the 70s Ernst with new models of life even before thirty years as the founding Managing Director of Sarakiniko. The vast majority of the projects have failed. The main reason: this movement knew what she n i c h t wanted. That is not enough. Jo Mackness is actively involved in the matter. If you learn something from it this can then: wherever you go, you take yourself. And the challenge is in the realistic assessment of the feasibility and primarily in the insight that man is a creature of habit and routine changes need to be done actively. The technical possibilities for island solutions”so self-sufficiency profit are tremendously grown over the last thirty years. No connection to the public power grid? No problem. The Sun and the wind are an economically viable solution. Water management without public utilities? Harvest the rain. Intelligent spreichern and consume / recycle. Separate Festival and liquid. Drip irrigation. Selection of plants. There are sophisticated individual solutions for each point. You must integrate only. “But in principle no toilet paper in the toilet” has some difficulties to change his habit. Only in a small group, the resulting dynamic effects can be effectively processed. Ecotopia on Ithaca is therefore consistent in the size of the group. There will not be more than nine shares. So, this is not a model for mankind. The owners have no sense of mission. There are no do-gooders. You want to start with and the preservation of the landscape ensure the purchase z.B.durch. Starry nights without light pollution are winning. Stunning silence. Healthy life. Community. Receiving a landscape as it is time there since Odysseus and feel this preservation to secure. Rolf Brunner

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