Charles Perrault

Posted by marmara on March 26, 2019

The conformity character is sufficiently present in the story in analysis, when we find the paternal or conjugal presence in the voice of the dwarf oldest: ‘ ‘ You could take care of of the house, while we are in the mine, trabalhando.’ ‘ (Story of the Snow White). Then the children inside went growing of a perspective of expansion of its culture. The girls learned in the school, through the stories, that its personal accomplishment was solely subjects to the concretion of the marriage and in the services of the house, following a patriarcal order. This if confirms to the end of the story with the celebration of enlance marriage of the Snow White with the prince. The story locks up with the marriage, as if it did not have more nothing to make, ceases the dreams the woman.

While the boys learned, then early, that they needed to grow construndo its authoritarian and determinative position, based in the construction of the corporeal properties, in the great ones richnesses, the wife, also were part of this material conquest, therefore thus she was seen: ‘ ‘ It was enough to see the body of Snow White to get passionate itself, although the maiden to be deceased. It asked for permission to the dwarves to lead I obtain the coffin of cristal’ ‘. (Story of the Snow White). In this stretch, the young is acquired as an object of whim for the masculine figure. Although these adult elements and dispossessed for the children, innumerable histories that had made and are part of the infncia of the children are, since its origin, created with the marcante presence of the fantastic one. ‘ ‘ The French writer, Charles Perrault created the bases of a new sort that had great repercussion in the history of the infantile world. Its stories of fairies show to a fantastic world repleto of fairies, duendes, elfos, ogros and other evil that heroes and full heroines of virtues coexist.

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