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One scenario for the operation of various armed groups, which prospered because until there came a successful action of the regular army and police, composed of inexperienced troops in the knowledge of the topography of these places. Geographically Rioblanco 1.2 Rioblanco bounded on the north by the municipalities of Chaparral, San Antonio and Ortega, on the south, to attack and the department of Huila, in the East, to attack and Coyaima; by the West, with the department of Valle . (See Figure No 2) Rioblanco to the 1950s had 7420 inhabitants, according to the census of 1951.8 The report of the Comptroller Rioblanco shaping as township is outlined as follows: … The Cardenas brothers, Tobias, Martin and Narciso, residents of the municipality of Chaparral, was established in 1900 on the banks of Rioblanco, which were devoted to various crops, … Shortly thereafter came Vidales Juan de la Cruz, who was building a house next to that of Cardenas brothers, set up a large estate called “Las Brisas”, which led to the birth of a small village, which, by the creative zeal of its inhabitants and the fertility of their lands, the Government department rose to the rank of township, with the name of Rioblanco under the jurisdiction of Seven Days TOLIMA Chaparral. However, the inhabitants of this town had the desire to turn this district, municipality, which is evident in the efforts made by some individuals in this region for this purpose.

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